Sunny Day

I have always loved going for a drive on a sunny spring day.  The warm sun shining in and offsetting the cool breeze from the open window has given me a feeling of hope and freedom.  With the radio turned up and the wind whipping my hair, I feel alive again after the gloom of winter.  This morning, though, on my way to work, the sunshine was not my friend.  It created a set of tiny sparkling points of light that obscured my vision.  Even now, in my relatively darkened office, I can see the quivering remnants of those sparkles.

I don’t really understand why the light is doing strange things to my vision.  When I ask him about it, my retina specialist just shrugs and says that there has been some damage from the procedures I have undergone.  Some vision changes are temporary and some will be permanent.  We will have to wait and see if the sunshine sparkles are here to stay.


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