Right Eye

My right eye is my good eye.  It has myopic macular degeneration.  In the past year, I have had two laser treatments (photodynamic therapy) and 7 shots of Avastin in that eye.  I see my retina specialist every 6 weeks, unless something is going wrong.  My vision in my right eye is currently correctable to 20/40 with contacts.  I have a small blind spot in my central vision and some general distortion from floaters.  A lot of times, I feel as if my contact lens is dirty.  I take it out and clean it, but the “dirt” is part of my eye, not part of the contact.  Annoying.

As this progresses.  I am losing my ability to read printed words on a page.  The computer allows me to make text huge, but there will be an end to curling up with good books.  I am also losing my ability to distinguish faces.  The other day, I ran into my daughter in a restaurant.  I wasn’t expecting to see her there, and did not even recognize her until she spoke.  This made me realize how bad my facial recognition vision is.  Still, there is good news.  I am glad that my path is toward central vision loss.  I will still be able to see the sky and the trees and nature.  I will be able to see the “big picture.”  I may not recognize faces right in front of me, but I will be able to make photos large on my computer and examine every nuance of loved ones’ faces.  I am thankful to have low vision in this technological age.  The medical treatments are working.  The computer assistance is wonderful.  I may change my attitude as this disease progresses, but for now I am accepting this low vision direction in my life.


One thought on “Right Eye

  1. Hi Belinda,

    About curling up with books, might I suggest getting an iPad or some other form of electronic reader. I know it’s not exactly the same, but you can zoom into the text and still curl up with it. 🙂 My eyesight is not there yet, but this is what I plan on doing when it eventually does get there.

    Take care,


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