Left Eye

Ah, my left eye.  I can’t remember a time when it was not a problem.  I began wearing glasses in kindergarten.  My vision in this eye is correctable to 20/80, but is deteriorating rapidly now.  Seeing the world through my left eye is like watching tv in the old days.  There were channels that came in.  There were channels that were all “snow.”  And there were channels where you could see a ghost of an image behind the snow.  That ghost image behind the snow is the world through my left eye.  In addition to the snow, I see sparkles in the lower left wedge of my vision.  I read somewhere that these sparkles are photoreceptors blinking as they are dying.  I am hoping that the author was incorrect.

A few years ago, I experienced macular traction in my left eye.  I felt a sharp stab of pain and saw a bright light.  That’s when I first met my retina specialist, a doctor I trust completely.  The tear healed over time but now there is tension that we are “watching.”  Every time I go to see my rs (every six weeks), he says we will talk about surgery on this eye at the next visit.  It is kind of comical to hear this every time.  I’m not sure what type of surgery I need or what the recovery time is or the possible side effects.  We are always going to talk about it at my next visit.

So, my left eye – low vision, floaters, snow, sparkles, tension, a blind spot from the old tear, surgery in my future.  Not great, but the good news is that I am still a long way from being legally blind and I am still allowed to drive during the day.  My left eye has become the better eye for reading, since the distortion in my right eye makes it hard to follow lines of type.  With good light and strong reading glasses, I can still read the weekend newspaper.  This is one of my greatest pleasures and I am very thankful that it is still possible.


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