Blind Photography.  It almost sounds like an oxymoron, but it is real and life-giving and joyful.

I came across a group of photographers who are taking part in a challenge called “365 Days.”  The challenge is to take a photo every day and upload it to the group’s website.  This is way too intimidating for a beginner like me!  However, there was good advice posted on the site.  Take your camera everywhere. I am not ready to plunge into this challenge, but I like the advice.  Yesterday, as we were heading out for a quick trip to the store, I grabbed my camera.  It’s just a little point and shoot so it was no bother to bring it along.  I sat in the passenger seat, shooting pics of anything that caught my eye.  I had a lot of fun and there was a great deal of laughter in the car as I snapped photos of random objects along our way.

When I uploaded the photos and began to edit them, I was really pleased with some of the shots I had taken.   Maybe it is just because I had so much fun on that ride, but the photos evoke good feelings in me.

I have read that visually impaired photographers like to enhance the colors in their photos and that is certainly true of me.  The brightness and vividness of the digital world thrills me.  These ordinary sights look beautiful to me.  When I snapped the photos I was taking pictures of blurry, indistinct objects that I could barely identify.  In these photos I see a world that is bright and sharp, a whimsical world that somehow makes more sense than the world my eyes see.  (Full disclosure:  most of the shots that I took were awful and I deleted them)

I think I will pass, for now, on the 365 Day challenge.  It is enough good news to know that I can have a lot of fun doing an activity that I had assumed would no longer be possible with low vision.  It is enough to feel normal when I look at my photos.


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