Photo Play

Today the sky is overcast and the soft light is very easy on my eyes.  Although I love the sunshine, it is a relief to be rid of the sparkling and other weird light sensations that it causes.  I arrived at work early and was greeted by the robust flowering of the tree outside my window.  I had to take a photo.  When I put it on the screen, it looked like an old fashioned post card.  So, I played around and tried to make it look like an old hand-colored photo.  Here is the result:

The other photo I was able to work on this morning was my picture of the man holding the lamb from our walk through the city on Friday.  (Originally posted in Photo Walk.)  I kept thinking about how out of place that man with the lamb was and how the ordinary photo that I had posted didn’t suit the strange beauty of his appearance.  I wanted to make the man look more like an urban shepherd.  I played with the tools and came up with this:

The light in the photo still isn’t perfect, but I feel like the mood of the photo more closely matches the actual effect of seeing this unusual sight.

I am grateful to have been able to drive to work early today.  Because I can hardly see in dim light, I can’t drive in the dark.  I am at the mercy of the sunrise to dictate the time I can get on the road.  I love to be at work early.  The quiet time before everyone arrives lets me prepare for the day.  I think about who might be coming into the office that day, so that I “recognize” people when they come in.  I want people to think that I can see normally.  It takes me a long time to read now, so arriving at work early lets me get a jump start on emails and letters.  Actually, one of the frustrations of low vision is that everything seems to take me longer – reading, walking, driving, preparing forms, cooking.  I have to check and double check everything.  I have to ask someone else to proofread important papers, even though I always have taken pride in being meticulous in my own proofreading.  It is frustrating.  The good news is that I have wonderful people around me who are helping me to make my way in this transition into low vision.  Being forced to slow down is also a blessing because I am more deliberate.  I focus on one thing at a time, which pushes me to be more mindful.  And thankful.  Today I am thankful for the soft light being easy on my eyes.


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