50 Things

I recently read a blog entry  (http://asliceofmylife.com/) by Susie, who had the idea of making a list of things to do before her next birthday.  She put one item on the list for each year of her life.  Since my next birthday is a big one, and is not until February, 2011, I thought that I would make a list of items that I can work on over the next few months.  Maybe, that way, the big 5 – 0 will not be so traumatic.  This will also give me a chance to think about things I want to do and see before my vision deteriorates too much more.

Making this list was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work!  I tried to make the activities measurable, so that I can check each one off as it is accomplished.  I had to be sure to not turn it into a “Bucket List” of things to do before I die.  I wanted to limit the list to activities I might actually be able to accomplish in the next few months, while still dreaming of possibilities.  For example, I didn’t put any far-flung travel on the list.  Although my husband and I would love to “see” the world while I can still see, I think it is best if we stay closer to home while I grow accustomed to living with my lower vision.

Upstate New York is so very beautiful and I want to eat it all up with my eyes while I can.  Like any wife and mother, I want to make special memories with my husband and children.  Even more importantly, I want to burn the images of their faces into my brain.  My facial recognition is already pretty bad, so I realize how important it is to memorize every nuance of their faces.  Most of all, I wanted the list to be FUN.

I am posting my list on a separate page under the tab “List of 50 Things”.  I will update it as the days progress toward my birthday and I accomplish some of my goals.  I hope that others will make their own lists and join me in making time for doing fun, life-giving activities.


One thought on “50 Things

  1. I enjoyed reading your list and have been inspired to make my own yearly birthday list of sorts. hmmm….where to start? I may borrow a few of yours 🙂

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