I went to see my retina specialist this morning for my Avastin shot in my right eye.  They did scans of my right and left eyes and (surprise!) an angiogram of my right eye.  Everything looked good in my right eye.  He gave me my injection and it was no problem.  It only took two seconds and I didn’t even feel a thing.  I don’t know why I dreaded the shot.  From now on, he is changing my injections to every eight weeks, instead of every six.  We will see how that goes.

For my left eye, he has decided that I do need surgery.  The macular traction is putting a lot of pressure on my eye and distorting my retina.  This is why my vision is going steadily downhill in my left eye.  So, next Thursday I will have a Vitrectomy.  This is out-patient surgery done under local anesthetic –  with something to make me feel “nice and relaxed,” he says.  They will take the vitreous fluid out of the eye, work on the scar tissue that is causing the problem, and insert a gas bubble to hold the retina in place temporarily.  I will have to maintain a “head down” position for three days so that the bubble stays in the right place. I will be out of work for a couple of weeks.

There is lots of good news about this surgery.  There is a 75 percent chance that my vision will improve and almost 100 percent chance that it will at least stop getting worse.  A side benefit is that my floaters will be gone.  I can’t imagine how wonderful it will be to not have to look through my floaters to see the world.  (At least through my left eye.)  My rs seems very confident, now that he has decided to go ahead with this surgery.  There are the usual surgical risks, but he really downplayed them.  I will develop a cataract that will need to be removed within six months to a year, so I will need a second surgery for that.

All in all, it was a very informative appointment.  Even though I am afraid of the surgery, I am so thankful to be doing something that might put an end to this downward slide into vision loss in my left eye.


2 thoughts on “Vitrectomy

  1. I had a vitrectomy in 2002 – unfortunately it didn’t go well. The surgery was done in my left eye due to unsuccessful laser surgeries because of diabetic retinopathy. The surgery lasted seven hours and I had to keep my head down for ten days. I had some sight out of my left eye for a few months after this surgery but eventually lost total vision out of my left eye due to a detached retina. I recently had surgery to remove my left eye and will get a prosthesis this month. The entire saga of losing the vision out of my left eye and trying to hold on to the limited vision in my right eye has taken a toll on me. I am married and feel like I am just angry and end up creating fights with my husband. How do you do it? You said you have been married for 25 years — I am just so angry about my loss of independence and would love to hear how you handle your anger – if you have any. Thanks

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