Checking In

I thought I would take a look at my List of 50 Things and see if I can check anything off as completed.  I have worked on a few of the items, and my husband, John, has worked on a couple of them that he was excited about.  I am wondering if anything is actually finished.

1.  Visit the Thousand Islands.  It looks like things are a little sketchy in the Thousand Islands.  The hotels all seem to be rated as fairly seedy.  We have picked a date when we can go, but I now have pretty low expectations for what we will find.  Such is often the case with revisiting places from childhood.

4.  Make a list of area parks and take a walk in each one. I made the list of parks in the area and I think we are going to have take some time this weekend to visit a couple.  There are a few parks right in the City of Rochester that I didn’t know about.  I will post pictures.

6.  Improve my photography / editing skills.  Working on it.  I didn’t make this one measurable. Oops!  I do have a few shots up on flickr .

7.  Pet a lamb.  My sister did this the other day.  I am envious and want to find some lambs myself.  Where can I find lambs near the city?  Any suggestions?

11.  Rent a limo and take a winery tour with friends.  John looked into this.  He found a limo service that looks good and a route that seems promising.  Now we need to pick a date.

13.  Choose an audio book and listen to it.  I have received several good suggestions about this one.  I am going to pick some up at the library or figure out how to download them online from the library this weekend.

18.  Visit each of my siblings.  I really want to do this.  We’d better get some dates on the calendar.

21.  Organize our CDs.  This looks like a good project for while I am home after my surgery – once I am able to see.

23.  Sell something on etsy.  I actually made a couple of necklaces and bracelets to sell.  I thought I would be sewing some things, but my vision is too bad right now to sew.  Beading is okay because I can do it by feel.  (I am very slow, though. This will never make me a millionaire.)  Now, I just have to post them on etsy.

25.  Tour Mt. Hope Cemetery.  Every time I drive by, I am reminded that this is on my list.

36.  Enter a contest.  Looked around for something but was unable to find anything I thought I could do.

Pretty good!  I don’t have anything to check off, but I’m working on a lot of things.  Accomplishing these fifty tasks in a few months is an ambitious undertaking for me.  I am feeling a little nervous, since I don’t know how much time I will lose after my surgery next week.  The rs says two weeks, but I am generally a slow recoverer.  Hopefully, I can accomplish some of my “around the house” goals while I am off work and then get right back at my “outside” goals.  Anyway, this is supposed to be FUN, not stressful.  Working on my list is a great way to keep my mind off of my upcoming surgery.

Please feel free to share any goals you might have set for yourself – anything you really want to do before your next birthday.  Also, please continue to send suggestions for audio books and anything else you think might be helpful.


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