Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I looked at an Amsler Grid yesterday.  My right eye is not too bad.  There are a couple of broken lines and a blind spot just to the right of center, but all in all things are under control with that eye.  Through my left eye, on the other hand, the grid looked horribly distorted.  It’s looks as if the grid is not a flat square, but is some three dimensional shape that bulges out from the center.  Some lines are wavy.  Some lines are broken.  I look at the Amsler Grid fairly often and it has never looked quite like this.  I would probably panic, except that I know that this is just due to the increasing distortion in that eye for which I am having surgery TOMORROW.

I can hardly believe the Vitrectomy is tomorrow.  My doc and I have been discussing surgery on my left eye for so long that it seems unreal that the time has finally arrived.  I am excited at the possibilities the surgery offers for my vision, but I am dreading the actual procedure.  Why does it have to be done under local anesthesia?  I would much rather be put right out.  My rs says they will give me something so that I am “nice and relaxed” but I can’t imagine that anything will make me feel relaxed while they are working on my eye.  The surgery center will be calling today with the time of my appointment.  I hope that it is early in the morning, so that I can get it over with.  I am also wondering about this “head down” posture that I have to maintain for three days.  It sounds very awkward.  I guess I will find out.  I have the strength of many people’s prayers to get me through the next few days.  I just have to keep my mind focused on the goal – stop the deterioration of vision in my left eye.  I am already seeing less than 20/200 in that eye, even with contacts, so it is really important that my vision doesn’t get any worse.  Whatever happens in the next couple of days will be worth it.

I have a couple of new pictures to share.  I don’t know when I will be able to take photos again, so I will leave you with these:
magnolia tulip twin daffodils


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