Good Day Sunshine

I almost wrote the day off when I woke up and it was snowing.  Snowing on April 27, for heaven’s sake!  My eye was all swollen and sore.  Then, Ben was too sick to go to school and we decided he needed to see a doctor.  Of course, I can’t drive.  So that meant trying to find a time John could take off from work.  I had a moment of anger at my helplessness.  I felt sadness at the day that I judged was going to be a bad one – dark and gloomy both outside and in my heart.  Luckily, the doctor’s office could take Ben first thing.  John ended up being just a little late for work and Ben ended up having just bad allergies.  A couple of days of allergy meds and he should be back to normal.

If I had written off the day as a bad one, I would have just stayed in bed.  Instead, I decided to get up, get dressed, and go downstairs.  I listened for a while to the audio book I borrowed from the library (thanks to Nikki and Sue for the suggestions).  The sun came out and the birds began chirping.  Next, Emily stopped in to see how I was feeling.  If I had written the day off, I would have been in bed and she would probably have said hello and gone on her way.  Instead, we spent a wonderful couple of hours catching up on her life and her friends and the possibilities in her future.  She is so funny and we were laughing so hard.  Ben came down to join us and we had a great time enjoying each other’s company.  We even played a game of Sorry.  They are ruthless but I won.

Emily is gone now and Ben went back to bed.  I am left with very happy feelings.  The sun is still shining.  This has been a wonderful day.  If I had prejudged it by my first reaction to the weather and the circumstances and my own mood, I would have missed it.  I might have stayed in bed, feeling sad and sorry for myself.  I learned a lesson today about not writing a day off without giving it a chance.  I never know what joys the day might bring, so I should always be ready to welcome the grace the day has to offer.


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