Bleeding Hearts and Tulips

I feel like I am reentering the land of the living.  After spending most of the past few days resting and relaxing, I have some energy.  I decided to look through the pics I took the day before my surgery and see if I could find anything worth posting.  I was surprised to find that I love the pictures that I took.  It seemed to me that they hardly need any editing, besides cropping.  So, here they are:

tulip side tulip

The flowers were so stunning that day and I am glad I caught a  fraction of their beauty.  Working on these makes me want to go outside now and take more pictures, but I am kind of afraid to go outside.  I am afraid of getting dust in my post-surgical left eye.  I can’t imagine how much that would hurt.  I am afraid of falling down, since my depth perception (and balance) are worse than ever.

On a deeper level, I am afraid that I can’t see well enough to take any decent pictures.  Writing this, I realize that I shouldn’t let this fear hold me back.  What would be the worst thing that could happen, even if none of the pictures turn out to be usable?  First, I would have wasted my time.  But time is something I have lots of right now.  The next couple of weeks are nothing but time to recuperate and I am free to waste a couple of hours taking photos that are no good.

Second, I might be discouraged when I upload the pics and see photo after photo that is unusable.  I think I can rise above this discouragement, if it is to happen.  I will admit that it is disappointing when “blind photography” goes bad.  When I upload photos and can find nothing special, nothing editable, or even nothing in focus, I do get frustrated,  However, I can remind myself that this is all a learning experience.  The whole purpose of blind photography is to teach me about seeing the world in a new way.  If one day of photos is unusable, I know that another day will yield surprising results.  Yes, it is scary to think about taking pictures with my left eye (temporarily) blind and only my right eye to guide me.  I don’t want fear to keep me from doing something I love, though.  The flowers in the backyard are gorgeous and I think I will conquer my fear and go out and shoot some photos.


9 thoughts on “Bleeding Hearts and Tulips

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  4. I’ve got to agree those are beautiful photographs. The middle one is also my fave because of the way the light plays in it. I can’t really tell whether the light shines on the flower or through it, or both, but I don’t mind that kind of ambiguity.

    I’ve had the same kind of experience as you with some of my own blind photography. I’ve taken a lot of what seem to be mis-fires, out-of-focus nonsense, and some that are not the objects I thought they might be. Don’t let that kind of thing put you off. On second thoughts, some of those photos turn out to have something of value in them, even if it wasn’t what I intended. There’s always tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow – and something will always spark you off again to get behind a camera. I hope so, as I want to see more!

    Good wishes for a speedy recovery from your operation.

    • Vince, I couldn’t agree more about the importance of remembering that there are many, many tomorrows to take pictures and to learn to get better at editing, even as my eyesight diminishes. I did go out after writing this post. My photos from that day aren’t spectacular, but at least I got out there and gave it a try. Anything is better than sitting on the couch all day, feeling sorry for myself. I am so happy with that tulip picture. I wish I could say that it is great because I am a great photographer, but I’m afraid it was mostly just a happy accident. I did crop it down from a pic of several tulips, so I will take credit for that.

      I noticed that your site has a list of blind photographers. If you would be willing to add my blog to the list, I would appreciate it. Or, my flickr site is, if you prefer to use that. I would appreciate you adding me, since I can use all the comments I can get on ways to improve. I will add you site to my blogroll, if that is okay Thanks so much for writing and for the encouraging words. It is great to hear from someone who is ahead of me on this journey and can offer wisdom and insight.

  5. I absolutely love these photos, Belinda, and I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. I think any artist, whether it be with a camera, a paintbrush, or a pen, fears making unuseable art. Can’t tell you how many days I’ve spent the day writing page after page, and the evening throwing page after page away. But no attempt is ever really wasted, and sometimes deep within the “junk” there hide the most wonderful treasures. So please… do take those pictures 🙂

    • Your encouragement really did me a lot of good, Melissa. As you can read in today’s post, I did go out and take some photos. As I feared, many were no good, but a couple turned out really nice. Thank you for the boost of morale and the lesson from your own experience.

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