Black Bubble

I feel really great today.  I have a lot of energy.  I woke up at a normal time, took a shower, went downstairs and did some laundry.  Normal stuff.  I did NOT take a nap.  My son, Sam, did some cleaning for me, so the downstairs looks pretty good.  The sun is shining and I think I will sit out on the porch for a while this afternoon.

The only thing disturbing my peace of mind is my eye bubble – it has turned dark and opaque.  I can no longer see through it.  That means that now I can only see light through the top one-third of my eye.  Thank goodness this didn’t happen when the bubble was taking up my entire eye, or I would have been in darkness.  I called my dr’s office and they said it is okay for the bubble to do this.  Still, it freaks me out to see that blackness.  I am dealing with it by keeping my left eye shut most of the time.  This is a habit I’ve grown accustomed to in the last few weeks.  When I try to read or focus on something, I close my left eye.  I am afraid that, since I’ve kept it closed even more since the surgery, this is going to be a hard habit to break once the eye recovers.  Maybe I will just go around for the rest of my life with my left eye clamped shut, winking at the world.

I made a Facebook page for my blog.  Now, you may follow this blog in several ways.  You can click on one of the buttons at the bottom of the page – subscribe by email or subscribe to the RSS Feed, or you can “friend” me on Facebook (Belinda Brasley) and see everything I post (the blog included), or you can “like” the Facebook page (Losing Vision Gaining Insight) and read the blog posts there.  (Shameless self-promotion:  please invite any friends that you think might like this blog to “like” it as well.)  You could also follow me on Twitter (bbrasley) where I tweet my blog daily and retweet other posts that I like.  You have so many options!  I really appreciate all the views that my blog gets.  I just checked and it is up to 1708!  I am really interested to know who is reading, so please feel free to comment and let me know who you are.  (If any bloggers know of a good guest book plug-in that is not a spam magnet, I would like to add one.)  I love comments and try to respond to all of them as quickly as I am able.


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