Lilac Festival Adventures

My vision is improving steadily, day by day.  I am able to get around fairly well with only a few bumps and bruises.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I decided I was ready for an adventure.  So, John and I went to Highland Park yesterday evening, making a visit to the Lilac Festival.  This was a challenge for several reasons:

1.  It was crowded.  I had to maneuver around and through lots of people.  I managed to not crash into anyone, knock over any small children, or step on any small dogs.  I am not joking when I say that there were many close calls.

2.  The terrain was not flat or smooth.  It is hard for me to distinguish steps or curbs or ups and downs or ramps or any changes on the ground in front of me.  I am always afraid of making a misstep and falling, even on a smooth sidewalk.  The Lilac Festival not only offers uneven sidewalks and paved areas, it also includes lumpy grassy areas.  I held John’s arm, though, and made it through.

3.  There was a lot of visual stimulation.  Crowds, bright colors, and movement somehow become a big blur when they are mixed together.  It becomes really difficult to distinguish one person or object in the mix.  My eyes and my brain don’t seem to be able to make sense out of what I am looking at when there is too much to see.  I experienced this same thing at Emily’s graduation and the one time, since my surgery, that I entered a store.  When faced with a lot of visual information, it all becomes a confusing “soup” of sights.

It was good to be out among people.  There was good music playing, good food to eat, and beautiful lilacs to smell.  Highland Park is on my list of Rochester area parks to visit this year (even though I’ve been there many times), so I took along my camera to take some photos.  Unfortunately, my battery died after I took one picture.  I was very annoyed with myself for letting this happen.  Fortunately, I love the one photo that I did take.

It doesn’t show an overview of the park, but it is a picture of the aspect of Highland Park for which it is most famous- lilacs.  The lilacs are the reason I am glad that we braved the crowds and the terrain to visit the Festival.  The smell of lilacs was intoxicating as we walked through the park.  It was a glorious evening and I am glad that I ventured out into the world, to Highland Park, and to the lilacs.


4 thoughts on “Lilac Festival Adventures

  1. Wow, Belinda, that’s a bold adventure! I get overwhelmed at Lilac Festival too. I usually only go to Highland Park just before the fest, to enjoy the amazing landscape in quietude.

    • We usually go the week before the festival, just to check out the park without the crowds, but we didn’t make it early this year. It is a completely different place with all the booths. I can hardly imagine how crowded and busy it must be on the weekend – with the arts and crafts and tens of thousands of people. The thought makes me shudder. It was great to be out among people last night, though. I don’t want to become a recluse.

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