Morning Sounds

I am lying in bed listening to the sounds of morning.  I was up at 6:00 to make sure that Ben was ready and out of the house on time to catch the bus for school.  After he left, I returned to bed, expecting to catch a few more minutes of sleep before facing the day.  Instead of going back to sleep, I am enjoying the noises of the city waking up.  Outside my window, open in honor of the recent glorious weather, innumerable birds are chirping and tweeting.  They are SO loud.  Several different kinds of birds are raising their voices in chorus at the prospect of a new day.  I also hear the throaty noises of pigeons and the cawing of crows cutting through the other birds’ melodies.  Behind the music of the birds are the street noises – car engines, a school bus braking and then rumbling off toward its next stop, the beep beep of an impatient car pool, car radios blasting music.  Next, I become aware of voices drifting up to my window – kids talking as they walk to school, a teenage boy rapping along to his ipod, neighbors shouting greetings to one other.  I can’t sleep when the world is so alive outside my window.  But, I’m not ready to join the wide-awake world.  I linger in bed, just enjoying a few lazy minutes of listening to the busyness outside.

A garbage truck arrives to empty the dumpster at a nearby school.  The men shout, laugh and joke with each other.  The machinery clangs and clangs, and the truck pulls away.  The bird song swells as the noisy truck leaves.  This city cacophony is the soundtrack of my life, but I usually don’t pay attention.  It is so common that I don’t even hear it.  Why is it that I am so attuned to it this morning?  Is my hearing increasing as my eyesight is diminishing?  Or am I just being blessed with a moment of awareness?  Whatever the reason, listening to all these sounds makes me feel very alive, very content, very connected to the world and people outside my window.  What a wonderful way to begin my day.


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