A Day In The Country

On Friday, John and I traveled out to the country for a day of rest and relaxation.  I have been seriously stressed about going back to work and he thought I needed to get out in the middle of nature to calm down and refresh my spirit.  Some friends had offered us the use of their cabin in the woods for a day and John encouraged me to go with him and spend the day outside.  Even though I was scared to go because of my vision problems, I agreed to go.

We had a wonderful day.  It was just what I needed to break free from my worries about what might happen when I return to work.  The place is way out in the country and is extremely peaceful and beautiful.  There is a lovely cabin with a great deck.

The cabin overlooks woods as far as the eye can see

and a gorgeous little pond.

John even took their boat out on the pond for a little while, but I stayed on dry ground.

We arrived at the cabin around noon and spent the whole afternoon communing with  nature.  Our friends joined us in the late afternoon and we had dinner together on the deck.  I am glad that I kept my camera with me, because at one point everyone was pointing out a red bird in a tree.  I couldn’t see it using only my eyes, but I was able to find it using the zoom lens and capture it with my camera.  Here is a shot of what I think we have identified as a scarlet tanager.

It was really a perfect day.  I am so grateful to our friends for sharing their land (and themselves) with us.  I am grateful to John for convincing me to go.  And I am grateful to our Creator, who made this glorious piece of property.

Of course, I can’t spend time taking photos without including some flowers.  The wildflowers around the cabin were tiny and simple but beautiful.  I don’t know their names, but here are two of the pretty wildflowers I found.

I really hope that you enjoy those two wildflower pics because, apparently, I walked through poison ivy to get to them and now I am covered in itchy red bumps.  Oh, well.  A couple of days of itching are a small price to pay for a glorious, relaxing day spent in this beautiful place with John.   The day helped me prepare myself for going back to work after my month-long recovery from my surgery.


6 thoughts on “A Day In The Country

  1. Love the photos, love the blog post. I’m so glad you enjoyed the day. If you don’t get the itching under control, try a product called Ivy Dry. I swear by it 🙂

  2. Oh how beautiful! That is true! That is what you needed. Ummm minus the poison ivy of course (smiling). Sure hope that it gets under control!

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