Musings of a Blind Photographer

My vision is improving.  Sometimes. when I am taking a picture, I can actually see what I am doing.  If the light is just right, if my eyes are working properly, if I have on my contacts AND my reading glasses, I can try to compose a good picture.  Most times, though, I am still in the dark about what I am going to see once I upload my photos.

Yesterday was this second kind of photo shoot.  The light was too bright and my eyes were not bringing things into proper focus.  I “wasted” many, many shots.  Thank goodness digital images don’t waste anything except time.  I was taking pictures of our peonies, and I had a big surprise when I uploaded my pictures – ants.

I know that peonies are covered with ants, but I didn’t see them when I was taking pictures.  My peony shots needed a LOT of editing to edit out the ants.

Our roses are also blossoming.  While the peonies were in the full sun, the roses were in the shade.  It was really hard for my eyes to adjust to the shade after being in the sun.  The bright, deep red of the roses was easy for me to pick out against the green leaves, so I could point the camera in the right direction.

From rosebud to fully opened flower, I love our roses.  They are a mistake, though.  We planted a grafted rose bush and the part above the graft died, leaving us with the common “scrub” roses below the graft.  I like the old fashioned look they give the garden, so I don’t mind.

When Emily traveled to Ireland, she brought us back some flower seeds (marked “approved for export”).  We planted them last year and they reseeded themselves this year, giving us this pretty purple flower.

I also took some time to learn a little more about Photoshop.  I wanted to try to make a kaleidoscope picture.  I followed the directions and ended up with this:


I am pretty happy with it for a first try.  Sometimes when I look at it, I’m afraid it looks a little like a Target ad, but I like the repeating flower image.  I love Photoshop and look forward to learning more about editing and manipulating photos.

I know I have included a lot of photos in this post.  I get so excited and want to show them all to everyone.  I wish I could articulate what a blessing it is to take a picture of something that I can’t really see and then watch it come into focus on the computer screen.  It is a great blessing in my life.


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