Bright, Sunny, Yellow

It’s back to work today, after a nice, long, relaxing weekend.  I rested my eyes all weekend by wearing my glasses.  Now, I am ready to try a day of wearing contacts.  Hopefully, it will be fine.  I drove myself to work which was both exciting and scary.  It’s such a sense of freedom to drive myself and not have to depend on someone else to drive me.    Of course, it was dark and the rain was pouring down this morning, for my return to driving.  It’s been over a month since I have been behind the wheel and, I suppose, it will take a little while to get used to it.

Being allowed to drive feels like a step back into normalcy.  I also experienced feeling normal this weekend in our food preparation.  John and I took the cooking roles we had before my surgery – I made the “kitchen” foods and he did the grilling.  It felt so good to participate in the meal preparation.  I even made a trip to the grocery store, but still didn’t really enjoy all the visual stimulation that Wegmans provided.  Just too many sights and colors for me to make sense of.

John and I visited a couple of Rochester parks over the weekend and I have updated my list.  I have a long way to go, but a long summer ahead of me to explore them all.  I did take a couple of pictures over the weekend that struck me as funny in their similarity:

Do you think the makers of smart cars took their color scheme from goldfinches?  I might not have noticed the similarity, but the pics were next to each other when I uploaded them.  I love the bright, sunny yellow color of the bird and the car.

I am wishing you a bright, sunny yellow day, even if it is pouring rain where you are.


2 thoughts on “Bright, Sunny, Yellow

    • I am really enjoying birdwatching. I have to admit, John is the one who always spots the birds and has to point them out to me. I grab my camera and say “Where? Where?” I am slow but he is patient in helping me find them.

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