Last Sunday, I went to my son Benjamin’s last Ultimate Frisbee game of the season.  We are not a sporty family, to put it mildly.  Our older two children were homeschooled in high school and organized sports really never fit for them.  Emily rode on the Equestrian team at Nazareth her Freshman year and loved it – and took her two required PE classes in college.  Sam has never played a sport.  Ben has talked about going out for a sport, and even attended the “interest meeting” for a couple of different sports, but he never took the plunge.  Then, when a few of his friends decided to play Ultimate this spring, he signed up.  We were happy because it is a club sport, meaning that there are far fewer practices and games than a jv/varsity sport.

Ben has really enjoyed the season of Ultimate.  Because of the timing of the season with my surgery and recovery, his last game was the first game I was able to attend.  I took along my camera as a way to challenge myself to try to take action pictures.  It was a cold, dreary day but it was so much fun to watch the game.  Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that is all about having fun.  Running up and down the field, throwing and catching a frisbee, what could be more fun?

I was so glad that I had my camera.  I used it, like binoculars, to zoom in on the action.  I definitely could not have seen what was happening on the field without my camera.  Even with the camera zoomed in all the way, I had a hard time making out which player was Ben.  Once I got home and uploaded the pics and started cropping them, I could see that they were a bit pixellated from the enlarging.

The thrill of seeing Ben (center, running) more than compensates for the photo quality.  These pics may not have artistic merit, but they mean that I am able to see my son playing his sport in a way that I was unable to with just my eyes.

It was a great day.  I am happy that Ben has found a sport that he enjoys and that he has friends who play it with him.  I am grateful that I was able to make it to one game, to cheer him on.  I am pleased (although not thrilled) with my first attempt at action photography.  I am blessed that “blind” photography gives me a way to see his game more clearly than with just my eyes.  I am glad to be reminded that sports, photography, and life can sometimes be all about having fun.


2 thoughts on “Ultimate

  1. I played for the first time this year at a pick up game in the park. No equipment cost, no commitment, works for me 🙂 That’s fantastic that you can watch him play. Enjoy as much as possible.

    • Yes, the whole season was pretty much win-win for our family. Being able to see him play at his last game was wonderful. Glad you have enjoyed the sport!

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