All The News That Fits

Each of my two stressful events of the past week went well.  Today seems like a good day to update on a few of the things going on in my life.

First, my meeting with the caseworker from the state agency for the blind was great.  I qualify for a program called Job Save.  They are going to arrange for an assessment to see what technological aids will help me at work.  He said, “Right off the bat, probably ZoomText and a bigger monitor.”  Hooray!  I might actually be able to see what I am doing on the computer.  They are going to be talking with HR at Nazareth College, which makes me a little bit nervous, but I am fairly certain that Naz is going to be good about this.

Second, my Avastin injection was no problem.  After the injection, as we were standing and making the next appointment, my eye was stinging.  John insisted that they take me back in and flush it with saline.  That made a huge difference.  Other than a tiny red dot where the needle went in, there is no evidence that I had an injection.  My vision in my right eye is fairly stable and my rs wants to try waiting 12 weeks until my next shot.  Good news.

Third, my left eye is progressing well since my Vitrectomy.  My vision now is as good as it was before the surgery and might continue to improve.  Plus, I have NO floaters.  This is amazing.  Before, I was looking at the world through a “forest” of floaters.  Everything I looked at was obscured.  The doc told me that my floaters would be gone but I had no idea what a huge difference it would make.  The world looks crystal clear, if a little out of focus.

Our neighborhood is hosting the Maplewood Rose Festival next weekend, so I am including some pictures of the beautiful roses at the Maplewood Rose Garden in this post to celebrate.  Many years ago, my husband and I visited some friends who lived near the Rose Garden and we thought that it would be wonderful to live near such a fantastic place.  We had no plans to move at the time.  Years passed and we now live within walking distance of the Garden.  Life is good and full of grace.


8 thoughts on “All The News That Fits

  1. Love your rose photos – the yellows are stunning!

    My brother just bought my Dad a huge computer monitor and my sis showed him how to enlarge the text, so he is very happy to be able to go online again. Hope you get yours soon!

    • Thanks! I am so happy for your Dad. Hopefully the process won’t take too long and I will get a bigger monitor soon. The wheels of state agencies turn slowly, so I am trying not to guess how long it will take. lol

  2. Dear Belinda
    I just went to Facebook after not being on for a several months and came upon your blog. I just spent 2 very worthwhile hours reading the WHOLE thing.
    What an incredible story – what great writing!
    Many things you wrote really touched me but this one sentence has changed my life – for the better of course.

    “I started to build a better present, to appreciate where I am and what I have.” (from June 8th)

    At some point you should consider publishing this – oh – never mind – a blog is publishing!

    David and I miss you and John.
    Someday we will have to get together and catch up.

    • Hello Claire. How have you been? I can hardly believe you read through the whole thing! I’m so glad you found it to be worthwhile. We miss you two so much and would love to get together. As you can tell from reading my blog, we have more free time now, since I have left my part time job. I hope we can get together soon. Peace. XOX

  3. WHEW! So great to hear about all that! It just makes me wonder why sometimes all the disappointments come bunched up together? But, lots of good news in one week is fine, of course! 🙂

    • Isn’t it strange – I talked with you such a short time ago and things looked bleak and now everything is looking up. God is good to send consolation after desolation.

  4. How great to hear such good news about Job Save, your injection and no floaters! Awesome! I never like the injections and must always rinse my eye out repeatedly. I bring my own bottle of saline (chuckling) as it is a 2.5 hour drive home from the university where I get my injections. I also use a bag of peas to place on my eye. I seem to always get the hemorrhage though. So glad you didnt! Your photos are beautiful and the Rose Festival sounds so fun and relaxing. Great to hear you are on the road to better days!

    • Hi Pam. I am glad to have such good news to share. I haven’t had a problem with an injection in a while, so I am starting not to dread them. 2.5 hour drive (!), I never realized how lucky I am to have a great rs right here in Rochester. How often do you get injections? The Rose Festival is wonderful as long as it doesn’t rain! I wish I could have included the scent of the roses along with the pictures. Out of this world. Thanks for writing.

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