I Got A Nikon Camera I Love To Take A Photograph

After dinner last night, John and I were sitting on the porch.  The light was fantastic and so I thought I would try to take a few pictures before it got dark.  I took photos of flowers – some stella d’oro day lilies

(click on any photo to see a larger image)

and some lovely little flowers Emily brought back (in a seed packet) from her visit to Ireland.  I don’t know what they are called.  They remind me of a teeny, tiny bridal bouquet.

The evening light was making striking highlights and shadows.  The slanting rays were like fingers caressing each flower they touched.  The light was such a lovely color that it was making ordinary objects appear extraordinary,  Our basketball hoop, for example, became a study in sunshine and shadow.

I love the saturated colors that the evening light allowed me to capture.   I could tell that the light was good, but I didn’t know if any of my shots were going to be interesting until after I had uploaded them.   I never judge a photo by the tiny image on my camera screen.  I have to make it big, big, big on my computer screen and look around for a portion of the picture that pleases me.  Because of this, I NEVER edit on my camera.  No matter what I think I see (or don’t see) on the camera screen, I do not hit the delete button on the camera.  Ever.

My photos are still fairly ordinary, but I think that they are improving.  I am definitely noticing light in a new way.  I still photograph a lot of flowers, but I am starting to break out of that habit a little.  A lot of my shots are complete garbage, but that does not bother me at all.  I want to improve, to eventually be good enough to enter a contest or a photography show.  I have my camera (yes, it is a Nikon point and shoot) with me always and I have learned the hard way to make sure my battery is always charged.  I think that the best way to improve is to keep practicing, keep looking at professional photos (there are so many amazing photos online), keep reading about photography and photo editing, keep loving photography, and keep practicing some more.  Shoot, edit, enjoy, repeat.


8 thoughts on “I Got A Nikon Camera I Love To Take A Photograph

  1. I use a boring old Kodak point-and-shoot that I can slip in my pocket, but Brian went and bought a fancy-pants Canon Rebel TI something or other with all these fancy-pants lenses and flashes and glitter. I can’t work most of the functions on it, but he takes INCREDIBLE pictures on it and it came with a DVD about how to shoot amazing pictures. It also came with a neato computer program for editing pictures, which I occasionally will attempt to use. I use the camera sometimes and I have to admit, even on the pictures-for-dummies setting that I use (auto everything) the pictures usually come out way better than with my cheap $75 dollar camera. Well worth the investment for someone like Brian (or you), who adores photography. Maybe something to think about in the future?

    • I figure when I get the point and shoot all figured out, then I can think about something fancier. I think I would always be afraid of breaking anything nice. Anyway, auto focus works for me, because I have lost my own focus – no decent central vision. So, I let the camera do that part and hope for the best. On a walk at Turning Point Park last night, Bibi almost made me drop my camera in the river, so I am glad I just had my little camera AND that my strap was around my wrist. I missed a great photo of a red winged blackbird, but at least I didn’t lose my camera.

    • That’s a good motto. The camera I use is a Nikon Coolpix S550. I have read some reviews of it that are not-so-great, but I really like it. It has some nice features and is easy to carry around everywhere. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Great post, really nice shots…

    I’m finding that trying new and unusual angles can make a huge difference in the “interesting-ness”*Note of a photo, so I’ve been trying to rattle-off a few extra shots from slightly different perspectives whenever I can… seems like it improves the results and makes it more enjoyable to capture even the most mundane everyday things 🙂

    *Note: See “Interestingness” on Flickr

    • Thanks. I like the “Interestingness” site. I’m trying hard to keep my photos from being boring, but it takes a LOT of practice. So many times, I look at my photos and they just look so ORDINARY that I can’t stand it. I guess I just have to slog through a lot of ordinary to get to the fabulous photos I want to learn to take. Thanks for commenting.

    • …give us the greens of summers. Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day. – Doesn’t that describe the way the light was making us feel yesterday? I hope my photos captured some of that.

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