Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

I’ve been wanting to do some black and white photography.  I love the look of black and white photos.  They evoke different feelings in me than color photos do.  So far, I have had trouble getting any good black and white photos.  I seem to have a problem with the contrast and my black and white photos are usually too gray and too washed-out looking.

I was recently taking photos of my dogs and, since the dogs are white with deep black eyes and noses, I thought that they might be good subjects for black and white portraits.  My dogs are usually completely uncooperative when I try to photograph them, but this time they were ignoring me.  I was able to get a few photos of each of them.  After playing around with editing the pictures, I found that I liked the feel of the portraits.  These are the best black and white photos (and the best photos of my dogs) I have achieved so far

This is Bibi, my youngest and smallest dog – two years old and only 6 pounds.  She is really adorable.  When she gets excited, she does pirouettes on her hind legs.  We “rescued” her when she was a puppy.  Even though we never intended to be a three-dog family, we have never regretted adding her to our home.

Zuzu is the “middle child,” three years old and the biggest of the dogs at 9 pounds.  She is the naughtiest of the dogs, but is the only one who will come when called.  She is rough and tumble, the “tomboy” of the three.  In this photo, she is just waiting to escape from behind a gate.

Bijou is the “Mama” of the three.  She is five years old and weighs seven pounds.  I love the spot of light that was shining right in the center of her forehead in this photo.  Calm and serene, she loves to cuddle.  While the other dogs “belong” to the family, she is completely loyal to me.

I’m pretty happy with this venture into black and white photography.  The good news is that I am breaking out of the habit of photographing only flowers.  The dogs were good subjects, if a little uncooperative.  Since they look so much alike, it was a challenge to take portraits that show them as different dogs.  I don’t know if I managed to make them look different from each other in these photos.  But, most people who visit us can’t tell them apart anyway, so I don’t feel too bad if I did not achieve this.  This was a good exercise for me.  It presented a few challenges that I had to work through.  It was a lot of fun.  And I am happy with my final three photos.


6 thoughts on “Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

  1. Belinda – did you use a flash on these? My dog’s eyes always go all white-out on me. And I thought it appropriate that you captured a unique personality through each of the dogs’ eyes in these photos.

    • Hi Sue. I rarely use a flash. I don’t like the way the flash on my camera makes the photos look. It’s too harsh. I just photograph in daylight. My dog’s eyes come out funny a lot of times, but this time they were fine. I’m glad you could see their personalities in their eyes. That’s what I was hoping for. Thanks.

  2. two (well ok three) thumbs up on the photos! I love pictures of dogs- but mine are never that great. i think this is for several reasons: A) I have no real training or passion in photography B) I’m too impatient to take good pictures so I just snap a few and as long as the dog is looking at me I’m happy with them C) I’m just not an “artsy” person, so while I can appreciate your pictures and how interesting they are I just don’t see things that way unless it is explained to me.

    All of that being said, we should team up. You take pictures of the dogs, I pet sit the dogs. We’ll make an awesome team.

    • Thanks, Nikki. It is really hard to photograph dogs. I have been trying to get decent photos of mine since I picked up my camera months ago. They are usually so awful about it. It seems as though they try to mess up the photos on purpose. Bijou, especially, has a knack for turning away just as I snap the picture. I just got really lucky the day I took these. I would love to team up with you, but the commute might be a bit much!

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