A Wish Come True

Today was a wonderful, wonderful day.  Our friends, Jim and Theresa, read on my List of 50 Things that I want to tour Mt. Hope Cemetery.  Theresa has been wanting to do this as well, so they asked if we would like to go with them some time.  Of course, we said yes and found a date we could all agree on.  Today was that day.  Jim and Theresa decided to do something really, really nice.  Since “ride in a convertible” is also on my list, Jim asked someone he knows who has a convertible if he could borrow it for the day.  They picked us up in this super-cool car this morning

Let me tell you what it feels like to ride in a car like this.  The sun shines on you and the wind blows through your hair.  Everyone you drive past smiles at you.  Many people wave and drivers passing by honk their horns.  You feel excited and energized, but also safe and protected.  You feel like the luckiest, most special person in the world.  At least, that’s how I felt.  I never stopped smiling for the entire ride.  I could not have felt more special if I had been Cinderella riding in her golden carriage.

There is more to write about the rest of the day, but I will have to save that for another post.  I want to focus on this one act of generosity from our friends Jim and Theresa.  I have been thinking about this all day and I cannot think of ONE time I did something like this for a friend.  I do not believe that I have ever, in my entire life, fulfilled a dream for someone or granted anyone a wish.  I never even would think of it.  Does that make me selfish?  Thoughtless?  I don’t know, but I don’t like learning this about myself.  I love that Jim and Theresa did this for me and I want to be the kind of person who does things like this for others.  I have to figure out how to develop this in myself.

I am so grateful for my ride in the convertible today.  It was such a gift.  It gave me a sense of almost childlike glee.  I want to become the kind of person who gives gifts like that.  I want to have a mind that thinks of ways to spread happiness, a heart that seeks to bring joy to others, and an imagination that can make a wish come true.


6 thoughts on “A Wish Come True

  1. First, you’re welcome and you’re way too kind. You spent 3 years fulfilling a wish for us every Sunday afternoon at youth group events for the teenagers of the Cathedral Community. Yesterday was just a small act to say thank you for fulfilling our wish for “our” Ben. I’m sure I can speak for the parents of all the teenagers who had the privilege of experiencing your ministry when I say YOU ARE THAT PERSON!

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