After The Rain

I have been longing to take some photos for the past few days, but it has been rainy and gloomy whenever I had a chance.  Today, I finally had a chance to get outside and see if any flowers had survived the recent heavy rains.  Daylilies, those hardy plants, were blossoming away in our backyard.

pink lily

We have pink day lilies and orange tiger lilies and both are in full bloom. When I was taking photos, the sky was very overcast and the light was not good.  I never use the flash on my camera because it is too harsh.  Luckily, the sun peeked through the clouds a couple of times and I was able to catch some sunshine on a couple of flowers.  Only the photos where sunshine was directly on the flowers were usable.  For some reason, I am loving the stamens.

Our hydrangea is also blossoming, but it has been a bit damaged by the rain.  Even though it was a bit bedraggled it still has beautiful colors.

My favorite photo of the day came later, when John and I were running some errands after dinner.  We were passing Durand Eastman Park and I shouted, “Pull over.”  I saw a pond and I wanted to get a photo to add to the list of Rochester parks.  A short time later, I saw what looked like a beautiful span of bridge in the distance and asked John to stop again.  He pulled over and I took a couple of photos.  At first when I uploaded these I was disappointed.  The bridge was too far away and did not look beautiful at all.  Then, I started cropping and looking for something beautiful within the bland shot.  I found this photo, which I really like.


Today’s photos remind me of the reason I love “blind” photography.  It makes the unseen visible.  Flower stamens come into focus.  Invisible sailboats magically appear.  I am grateful for my camera.  It’s amazing that one little point and shoot camera could make such a difference in a person’s life.  I am also grateful that my husband is such a wonderful guy.  When I ask him to pull over so that I can take a picture, he doesn’t even complain.  In fact, he encourages my new love of photography and my blog.  I love him.  He is my hero!


6 thoughts on “After The Rain

  1. You have shared some lovely photos! Thank you. I, too, am visually impaired (legally blind) and love photography. It’s amazing sometimes what you find in a photo after you pull it into the computer. I’ve found swarms of mosquitoes above the Queen Anne’s Lace, tiny ants on peonies, water drops on … well, you get the idea! Keep on shooting! Very nice work, to see the better scene in your distance shot!

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  5. I love the pictures and I love the idea of just driving around and stopping to spontaneously snap some pics. I have only one problem with today’s blog… your husband is setting the bar way too high for the rest of us husbands.

    • Hah! He is pretty great. He even tried to stop so I could get a picture of a rainbow the other day, but by the time we turned around and went back, it was gone. Hopefully, I will get another chance.

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