10 Reasons To Be Thankful It’s Summer

Today was a great day.  After a day like this, it’s easy to count my blessings.  Here are ten reasons I am thankful that it is summer.

  1. Hot, sunny weather.  I love summer weather.  I complain a lot during the winter months, but spring, summer and fall are wonderful and summer is the best of all.
  2. Slow pace.  Somehow, I never lost that “school’s out” feeling of relief during the summer.  Summers just seem easier, slower, and more relaxed than other seasons.
  3. Summer hours.  Nazareth College offers its employees summer hours.  We go in a little earlier each day and, in return, are able to leave at noon on Friday.  This stretches every weekend out a little longer.  It is a blessing, especially on a beautiful day like today.
  4. Critters.  Yesterday, on my way to work, I saw a mama duck and four ducklings crossing the road.  Today, I saw a deer and fawn as I entered the college campus.  Even in the city, animals are on the move in the summer and I love seeing them unexpectedly.
  5. Thunderstorms.  There is nothing I love more than lying in bed at night watching lightning light up the sky and hearing thunder boom.  We have already had a couple of good summer night thunderstorms and more are expected later this week.
  6. Walking.  Whether it’s around the block, around our neighborhood, or at a nearby park, John and I love to go for walks.  Rochester has great green space and we enjoy seeing it all on walks with our dogs.
  7. Grilling.  I love the switch from cooking indoors to outdoor grilling.  Everything tastes better when the meat (and often the veggies) are cooked on the grill.
  8. Longer Days.  I love these long days, when we are able to sit out on our porch after dinner and enjoy the evening.  Our porch is the perfect place to enjoy this “bonus” daylight.
  9. Fireworks.  Not just for the 4th of July, Rochester offers fireworks often throughout the summer.  We saw fireworks as part of the Maplewood Rose Festival’s Party on the Bridge and they were fantastic.
  10. Cold beverages.  I love the refreshment of a cold drink on a hot day.  Ice water, lemonade, iced tea, beer, coke – they all taste great served ice cold on a hot day.

I am thankful for summer.  It holds so many blessings – big and small.  It delights all my senses – the smell of flowers, the taste of cold drinks and hot grilled food, the beauty of fireworks, the sound of thunder, and the touch of warm sun on skin.


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Be Thankful It’s Summer

    • I HATE winter. Since you tried to find some things that were okay about summer, I will try to name a couple of things that are not too bad about winter – fires in the fireplace…soft, warm blankets…that’s about all I can come up with.

      We had a nice thunderstorm last night. It was so great to lie in bed and listen. Thanks for commenting. I hope you find more things to enjoy this summer.

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