See The Sky

Lately, I am in love with the sky.  When I look at the sky, it looks so beautiful to me that it takes my breath away.  Sometimes when I am taking photos I aim the camera up at the sky and take a picture.

I think that one reason I love the sky so much is that I can see it.  The sky is so huge and takes up so much room that, even on days when I can focus on very little, I can always see the sky.  It may be that I cannot see the words on a page, the details on my computer screen, the flowers in the garden, or the expressions on people’s faces, but the sky is always there for me.  And it will always be there.  As I understand it, my eye problems lead to central vision loss but not to total blindness.  Even if my blind spots continue to get larger and larger, my vision will never be so obscured that I cannot see the sky,

I do live in Rochester, so we have a lot of cloudy days.  But, even on cloudy days, I love the sky.  Light and shadow, bright and dark, the cloudy sky is full of mystery.  Sometimes I feel silly aiming my camera up into the sky.  To make photographing the sky less strange, I like to include the sky in my photos of other objects.


I know that, for many people of faith, it is the rainbow that offers a sign of hope from God.  I do not need a rainbow.  For me, the sky itself is a sign.  I may lose much of my vision.  People’s faces may become difficult to recognize.  Stairs may become harder and harder to navigate.  Still, I can have hope.  There will always be the sky.

When I am feeling discouraged, I remind myself to look up and see the sky…really SEE the sky.  It is so beautiful.  It is eternal.  It is a gift and a blessing.  It gives me hope.


4 thoughts on “See The Sky

  1. Thank you for sharing your views on the love of sky and our many blessings.
    It calls to mind, when my daughter decided to make Rochester her home (all the way from West Palm Beach, FL) I told her when she was homesick or missed us, just look into the night sky…………
    The moon is the same moon that is shinning down on us like our Heavenly Father does…. It is the same moon that shines on both of us………………..
    She still lives in Rochester and don’t know if she ever has to look at the moon but I DO!!!
    Know a Gramma has more contemplation time than that of a busy wife, mom, friend and devoted business visual mgr of a wonderful store.
    Let us continue to take pix of the sky and all of the places God has left his fingerprints.
    Bless you,

      • Belinda….luv you and your profound writings and pictures! When we first drove up to look at the land we we’re to purchase up here on top of the hill, the first thing that amazed me was the “blueness of the sky” as we kept driving up & up & up… it was a spiritual awakening of sorts and I still get the same feeling every time I drive home, what a gift God has given us and I thank Him everyday for this and now that I know what your eye is going through, I will come back here and see through your eyes some more….God Bless you!

      • Hi Cheryl. How nice to hear from you! Your comment is very poetic. I can just imagine your first drive to your house. I am glad to connect with another “sky lover.” Thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoy my posts.

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