TGIF.  I don’t know when I’ve been more glad to see Friday arrive.  With a holiday weekend in front of me and a stressful week behind me, I am ready for some fun and relaxation (and some housecleaning).  It is going to be a beautiful, hot, sunny weekend here in Rochester and there are a lot of opportunities for fun around town.  I can hardly wait for the fireworks on the 4th.

This past week, I had my going away party for my youth mnistry job at the Cathedral Community.  That was nice.  Then I had my exit interview and that went fine.  Even though it went smoothly, it was stressful to sit and talk about leaving the position and my suggestions for a new youth minister.  I don’t really want there to be a new youth minister.  I guess maybe a part of me wanted him to say that they didn’t want me to leave and would do everything possible so that I could stay on.  I know this is not realistic, but a part of me wanted it.  I turned in my keys.  That chapter in my life is finished.

Then, yesterday, I met with someone from HR here at Nazareth.  This appointment made me really nervous.  It was fine, though.  They just wanted to get a sense of what my disability is and what they might be asked to do to help make accomodations.  She was really nice and did say that Nazareth will work with ABVI to do whatever they can to help me keep my job.  I felt reassured after this.  I realized that it has been two weeks since I received the call from my counselor at the state agency approving me for Job Save.  I have not heard a word yet about an appointment for a tech assessment.  I guess the wheels really do turn very slowly when working with agencies.

Our internet at home is messed up.  This has been the most stressful issue of the past week.  I rely on my computer so much to keep in touch with the world.  Without internet, I feel isolated.  During the week, I have access to the internet all day at work, so it’s not too bad.  John has been working on fixing our network at home, but it still is not working perfectly.  Hopefully, our new router will be completely set up and running this weekend.  If not, I will be spending a lot of time someplace with free wi-fi.  On Saturday and Sunday mornings, reading the news on the internet has replaced reading the newspaper.  As I have written before, our weekend mornings reading the news and drinking coffee on our porch are my favorite hours of the week.

With all the goodbyes and meetings and internet problems, I am glad to end this week.  I am looking forward to sunshine and spending time with friends and taking photos and FIREWORKS this weekend.  In the city, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing outside on the bridge downtown and then there will be huge fireworks display.  I can hardly wait.


2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Sounds like you have had a very stressful week for sure ((hugs)). I am planning on going to our fireworks celebration which is only 1/2 mile from my home at the dam. It is usually so unbearably hot and humid I pass on the fireworks. This year it will be just perfect. Ah the Philharmonic sounds absolutely heavenly (smiling). That in itself would make me calm after a hectic week. You are right about the stress. Even though things go well they can still be stressful. You have gone through so many changes recently and whether good or bad they are changes. I envy people who can just go through changes no matter how good or bad and just move on as if nothing happened. No stress, no cares in the world. But then I guess I wouldnt like that. It would be like being a robot. Devoid of feeling. Stress can be good at times but a lot at one time? No. But you are forging on with a strong sense of direction. Now I must say that no internet makes me a crazy person. I too use if for so much in my life. It is my window to the world. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!

    • Hi Pam. Nice to hear from you. Our internet is fixed, so all is well! I don’t like being disconnected. Without internet, I would not have met you! I am thankful for our internet friendship. Thanks for understanding about the stress – even though things go well, it can be stressful.

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