The Water Is Wide

Our wedding anniversary is in a couple of days (July 7) and I have been thinking a lot about how our marriage has grown and changed over the last 26 years.  On the day of our wedding, we were such starry eyed dreamers.  We were so madly in love and I thought that marriage was going to be a joyful, easy trip into the future.  While our marriage has been joyful, I would not always characterize it as easy.  We’ve worked really hard over the years to build a strong relationship – to grow closer each year instead of drifting apart.  There is a song that I have loved for years that makes me think of our marriage.

The water is wide.  The world can be a hard place.  Having a love to row with, to help me navigate the stormy seas, has made all the difference in my life.  In the beginning, we worried that love would diminish as time went on.  And sometimes, when the water seemed wide between us, it was hard to imagine that we would bridge the distance.  But our love has always prevailed and we were never satisfied until we were back in the same boat, loaded deep with love and rowing together toward our future.  We have worked really hard to keep the haunting words in the middle of the song from coming true.  We do not ever want our love to grow cold or fade away.  So far, it has grown stronger and deeper, until I am so immersed in love that I truly do not know how I sink or swim.

The water is wide,

I can’t cross over,

and neither have

I wings to fly.

Build me a boat

that will carry two

and both shall row,

my love and I.

Right now, this verse fits me and our marriage.  I find that the water is wide.  I cannot cross over the water, to a life of low vision, by myself.  It is taking both of us to row.  I am blessed to have a husband who is in the boat with me, for the moment taking on more than his share of the rowing.  We are blessed that all the years of our life together and our love have prepared us to handle these rough seas.  Our boat is safe.  Our love is deep.  And both shall row…My love and I.


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