Hot! Hot! Hot!

The long weekend is over.  In the morning, it will be back to work, back to normal life.  Sigh.  This has been a great holiday weekend.  It was so hot, hot, hot.  The heat was a great excuse to relax, I couldn’t do anything, because it was too hot.

It was certainly too hot to turn on the oven, so my husband grilled all weekend.  We had burgers.  We had hot dogs.  We had clams.  We had corn.  We had salmon.  My husband grilled it all.  Guess what I made.  Jello.

It was too hot to do yard work.  I thought about pulling some weeds.  I planned on working in the garden.  I went out to the garden and looked at it.  I decided to wait until it cooled down.  It never cooled down.

It was too hot to do housework.  Way too hot.  I had a huge list of jobs to do, but every time I started a task, all I could think was that it was too hot.  I did manage to clean the bathtub.  Only because I did not want to leave the shower.

It was even too hot to sit on the porch.  We went out first thing in the morning and sat and drank our coffee, but by noon it was so hot I had to go inside.  Four or five hours of sitting and relaxing were all I could take.  I had to go inside and take a nap.

Seriously, we had a great weekend.  We visited our friends, who have moved out of our neighborhood in the city 😦 and into a lovely house on a gorgeous piece of property out in the country.  While we were sitting on their porch, a fawn walked right through their back yard.  They have found a little piece of heaven and I am really happy for them..

We had a lot of nice family time over the weekend, along with lots of great meals.  And I did get a little bit of cleaning done.  But I did not cook.  It was too hot.


2 thoughts on “Hot! Hot! Hot!

  1. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for all you have done.
    You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
    All my love to all of your family

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