Happily Ever After

John and I celebrate our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary today.  Twenty-six years is a long time.    I know I have already written a couple of posts about our anniversary, but I had to write one more to celebrate today.  Here are ten reasons I married my husband (all reasons I would marry him again):

  1. John has a deep faith.  When the flame of my faith is wavering, I can count on him to help me stay strong.
  2. John has a great sense of humor.  He has kept me smiling and laughing all these years.
  3. John is passionate.  When he believes in something, John will do everything in his power to make dreams come true.
  4. John is kind.  He will always look for an option where everyone is happy.
  5. John is on my side.  No matter what.  I know I will always have someone in my corner.
  6. John lives a deliberate life.  He knows who he is and always acts with honesty and integrity.  He reads, preaches, and lives the good news of love in the world.
  7. John is fun.  He thinks up romantic, kooky, sweet, funny dates and gifts.  He is happy when planning something special for us.
  8. John is faithful.  He is loyal to me and would never intentionally do anything to hurt me.
  9. John is hopeful.  When things go wrong, he looks on the bright side.  When the skies are cloudy, he looks for the silver lining.
  10. John loves me.  This is a very endearing quality in a man who has seen me at my best and my worst, my prettiest and my ugliest, my happiest and my saddest.  I trust his love for me.

John and I are very blessed today to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  Today we celebrate twenty-six years of facing the world together, united in love.  We could not have made it without our faith, our friends, our family.  I am very thankful for our marriage and our children.  This is the happily ever after I dreamed was possible.

My sister uploaded our wedding photo and put it on Facebook.  I thought I would add it to this post.  Thanks, Melissa!


10 thoughts on “Happily Ever After

    • Thanks, Leigh Ann. When I saw on Twitter that you value marriage, I thought you would like this post. I am happy that we have connected. Thank you for stopping by and, especially, for commenting.

  1. Love the tribute to John, makes me think of another John that I know, maybe there’s something in the name, “Gift from God” thanks for sharing, you two are always an inspiration!

  2. Happy Anniversary! You two are such an inspiration to me. I just love the way you wrote about John, and feel blessed to witness true love from your Sacremental expression! Love, Sheri

    • Thanks, Sheri. Our anniversary was a good chance for me to say the things I don’t say often enough. Life is so hurried that I rarely take the time to tell John the things I love about him. Thanks for being in our lives. I am blessed to have you for a friend.

  3. Oh Happy Anniversary!!! What a beautiful, sensitive tribute to your husband (smiling). That is just superb! I hope you have a great remainder of the day and keep enjoying your time together. You both are blessed to have each other!

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