Vitrectomy Outcome

My retina specialist seems really happy.  At my appointment, I was able to see 20/50 with my left eye (with contacts).  Before my vitrectomy, my vision in that eye was less than 20/200.  There was a lot of pressure on the macula and he was afraid that there would be a tear.  Now, he says that there is no chance of this happening.  The pressure has been relieved.  The vitrectomy was a success.  My left eye, which has been my “bad” eye for as long as I can remember, is now my good eye.

My rs took OCT images of both eyes.  Optical Coherence Tomography is an imaging technology which takes cross section images and shows the layers within the retina.  Here is the picture of my left eye yesterday.

I don’t really understand what I am seeing in this photo, but I can compare it to the OCT photo taken before my vitrectomy.  In that photo, the top layer had big gaps and holes, which have almost completely disappeared in the new photo, above.  You can just see a couple of gaps near the edge of the top layer about halfway up the slope on the right side.  I am hoping to learn more about what I see in the photo, but for now I know that it shows good news.

My left eye no longer needs its own rs appointments.  From now on, it can be monitored at my right eye appointments.  I asked my doc if this checkup means that I am a person with “regular” vision now – at least in my left eye.  He laughed.  He admitted that, while the danger of tearing from pressure is gone, I am at risk of getting a bleed in the left eye similar to those I have had in my right eye.  I am also developing a cataract on my left eye, an expected side effect of my vitrectomy.  This will need surgery, but he would like me to wait about six months.  Those are worries for another day.  For today, I am rejoicing in the success of my vitrectomy.


7 thoughts on “Vitrectomy Outcome

  1. Super super news!!(((big hugs)))!!!! I have so many of those OCT reports and I have a difficult time reading them too (chuckling). When I am told there is good news that is all I want to hear!! When I saw your title for today I was like oh boy I sure hope it is good news and bam! It was!! Belinda I have tears of joy for you (sniff) and your news was the best I have heard today! Yes!

    • Hi Pam. I can always count on you to be happy when I have good news. Even though I have been up and down, and up and down again, I am just going to hang onto this good news and not worry about anything else that might happen. Thanks for caring about my journey. Sending you hugs as well.

  2. Yea Belinda! What a relief….haha! I have had problems(past) also and I blame it on hidden stress which I had no clue I had until the eye stuff came along. Iritis…oh the pain of it and the then glaucoma in the left(0s)eye also. I had no symptoms with the later, just a check-up(follow-up)with the iritis which was leaving nicely….then voila, drove myself up to Rochester for the laser surgery and then drove back home in the evening….thank God it was at night. The folks told me I should have no problems driving as the laser was a success and the pressure is monitored every 6 months, it’s up and down, up and down..haha. This happened 5 years ago…what a rollercoaster ride, heh? God is good, we just have to keep up with him…haha again. Thanks for all the updates and post…you are wonderful. PS: Happy Anniversay! I love Rochester too, I biked up there alot last year. The Genesee River path, Erie Canal, etc…..luv it, luv it, luv it. This should be on your 50 things to do list! I will come up and join you when you want to do it. Also I kayak and canoe, hike and some other not so good habits too…haha
    Let me know….oh camping in ADK’s is so good for the soul too! Going in Sept….and in then again in the winter……xc ski and snowshoe…oh the doing is endless! I started all this after I was diagnosed with breast cancer late ’97…….God is good!

    • Wow, Cheryl. You have been through a lot. I feel like I just caught up on eight years in one comment. lol It is a rollercoaster but God is good, that is for sure. Thanks for your kind words.

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