In The Summer In The City

Yeah, it’s hot.  We are officially in a heat wave.  It’s the fifth day in a row that the temperature has gone over 90.  People are doing what they can to stay cool.  The city is opening up “spray playgrounds” so that people can cool off.  Air conditioners are running full blast.  Movie theaters are packed.  Porches are overflowing with people.  The heat is the topic of most conversations.  I thought I would share a song today – a blast from the past that fits the hot weather and the mood of the city.  It captures the feelings of this summer for me and I have been singing lines from it all week.

I know, I know, the purists out there can’t believe I didn’t post the Lovin’ Spoonfuls version.  I just love Joe Cocker’s voice, plus the images in this video echo the scenes of the city – skateboarders, cars with windows rolled down, and people, people, people everywhere – beautiful young people making their plans to hang out together and enjoy the evening (except everybody is using cell phones now, not pay phones).

The line of the song I have been repeating over and over to myself is

All around people looking half dead
Walking on the sidewalk hotter than a match head

During the day, people just look so hot and uncomfortable and droopy.  In Rochester, we know we should enjoy the heat (because winter is coming and it will be so cold).  Still, as the hot days drag on, it is harder to muster up energy during the heat of the day.

As the song says – at night it’s a different world.

Cool town, evening in the city
Dressed so fine and looking so pretty
Cool cat lookin for a kitty
Gonna look in every corner of the city

This is definitely summer city life.  Young men and women, dressed up and looking gorgeous, are out in the evening.  Walking down the street or enjoying music or hanging out at the beach or checking out a festival, they exude energy and passion and youth.  I love to see them at the outdoor concerts hosted by the City of Rochester.  They are so ALIVE.

The days are long and slow and hot.  Despite the heat, it will be all right.  Rochester is a “cool town.”  We are hanging in there, getting along, keeping cool as best we can.  And watching the people.  In the summer in the city.  In the summer in the city.


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