This Is The Refreshing

Rain!  Beautiful, glorious, cooling rain came down and quenched the thirst of the earth and her people today.  I have never seen people so happy to be caught in the rain.  John and I happened to be running errands when the storm hit and we had to make it from the car to stores and back in the pouring rain several times.  We were drenched but it felt so good.  I felt like a playful child as my flip-flops squished and splashed in puddles.

We sat on the porch after dinner.  The sky went from sprinkling to drizzling to pouring and everything in between.  There were even a few claps of thunder to make things interesting.  It felt heavenly to sit outside and feel the cool, welcome breeze.  As Dr. Norman Vincent Peale loved to say “This is the refreshing!” (Is 28:12).  I guess there is nothing like a few 100 degree days to make a person appreciate a cooling rain.  While we were sitting on our porch, people kept walking by in the rain.  They were soaked, but they weren’t hurrying or anything.  They just strolled by as if it were a sunny day.  Clothes wet, hair dripping, and big smiles on their faces.

I tried to take some pictures of the rain.  No good.  I have seen lots of gorgeous photos that were taken in the rain.  How do people do it?  Mine were absolutely horrible.  Maybe I can blame it on my camera?  I am definitely going to study rain photography and see what I can learn.

I did take one photo today that I absolutely love.  I played around with it a bit and it hardly looks like a picture of the ordinary object that it really is.  To me, it looks fluid and organic.  It evokes the emotion I felt while sitting on the porch, enjoying the cool evening, the refreshing.  So, I decided to add Isaiah’s words to the image.   I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Today was a lesson in appreciation.  I appreciate the rain.  I appreciate the cool evening.  I appreciate my failed rain photos, because they led me to taking one photo that I love.  I appreciate all the time John and I spent (years ago) learning Dr. Peale’s Thought Conditioners, because tonight I could find the words to express my experience.  This is the refreshing.  This is a gift from God.  This is grace.


2 thoughts on “This Is The Refreshing

  1. Hey, I missed a couple of days postings so let me catch up: We hope your anniversary was as wonderful as ours. 7/7 couples are the best! Also, congrats on the good eye news and WOW that picture of your eye is cool all blown up. Finally, Joe Cocker is the King of Cover songs. I love all his work but especially You Can Leave Your Hat On but that would only make the summer hotter. Theresa and I love to go out on the porch when thunderstorms and downpours are happening. Sometimes I feel sorry for the folks who have enclosed porches.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jim. John thinks that eye picture is scary. I included it anyway because that eye has had a rough few months. I thought it deserved a little recognition. lol. Joe Cocker is one of my favs. Our first dance at our reception was his “You Are So Beautiful To Me,” so he will always be special to us. Next thunderstorm, when we are on our porch, we will think of you on yours. Peace.

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