Summer Camp

Yesterday, we went to my favorite place in the world – Camp Koinonia in Italy Valley, NY.  We have been attending Family Camp there for 16 years.  Family Camp is week-long summer camp for the entire family.  The first few years, we attended as a family and it helped us to form a bond with our children that is extraordinary.  For the last few years, John and I have attended as Spiritual Directors and our children have taken on various staff roles.  We spent this weekend working with the Teen Staff (Counselors) and Program Directors.  Today the families arrived and a week of Family Camp opened with a joyful Mass featuring a phenomenal homily by our friend Fr. Joe.

After dinner, I said goodbye to John and headed home.  He will stay all week as Spiritual Director and I will be there when I can.  My office has a big event tomorrow that I cannot miss.  So, this week I will be going back and forth.  Next week, however, I will be staying for the entire week.  A week at Family Camp is like a little taste of heaven.  It is beautiful there and it has a beautiful spirit.  It is a holy place.  The families who attend Family Camp are amazing families and I love spending time with them.

Camp Koinonia is one of the few places that gets no cell phone service.  The Camp has no internet service, no cable, no tv.  Just nature and beauty and friends and family.  Because so many electronic distractions are not available, families have so much time to play together and talk and laugh and celebrate.  It is very special to me.  I wanted to take some photos to share, but when I took out my camera, there was some sort of problem with my battery.  I will post pictures after my next visit.


8 thoughts on “Summer Camp

  1. Just back from FAmily Camp. What a great week. It is so peaceful and quiet. Now I am back to the real world. YUCK!

    Thank you John and Belinda for all that you do to make Camp Koinonia a spiritual and beautiful place.

    • Thanks, Michelle. Sorry for the delay in responding to your nice comment, but (as you know) I was cut off from the internet while I was at Camp for week 2. I am glad you had a great week and I am really glad you could stay until the end! Peace.

  2. I’ve been reading everyone’s posts about camp this year, and it’s makes me so sad that Jayme and me cannot be there. Family camp is amazing, from teen staffing, to being a brasley for a week, to being just jayme and me last summer, every minute of it has been a one of a kind experience that I would never ever take back. Camp is the most wondeful, spiritual place in this world and I love it. And as for you Brasley’s, I can never tell you nearly enough how much you mean to me and how much you’ve touched my life over the past several years. You are truely angels and I am oh so blessed to know all of you, I love you so much! I love being in your presence, it always puts a smile on my face!

    • Oh, Traci, I wish you guys were going to be there. I love you both so much! Thank you so much for saying such nice things about us. The feelings are mutual. Hopefully, we will be at camp together next year!

  3. Katrina has come to love Koinonia. She was so excited to be going. It has been such a wonderful experience for her. I will be going down with Jessica on visiter day. Can’t wait.

    • Hi Anne. Thanks for commenting. Katrina is a wonderful teen and seemed right at home this weekend. The teen staff this week is really great. Hopefully, I will see you at visitor’s day.

  4. Last week at mass we sang “all are welcome,” a song that always reminds me of camp, a place where all truly are welcome. I miss camp terribly and I love to think back on all the wonderful times I had there and the amazing people I met. You and John were a huge part of my camp experience, as I’m sure is true for so many many others. I’m not sure when, if ever, I’ll be able to return to camp, but until then, I spend every july remembering, being thankful, and hoping that all those who are there now appreciate the experience and the amazingness that is family camp.

    • We opened Mass with All Are Welcome yesterday! You are right, at Family Camp all ARE really welcome (and loved). It is the place I have felt most accepted by those around me. You know that John and I love you very much and you are forever linked with Camp in my mind. I hope that you will be back at Camp one day with your children, but if not, Camp will always be part of you. I am so glad we share a love of Family Camp.

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