Delightful Day

Today was a great day.  An interesting day.  An exciting day.  If John had been here to share it, it would have been perfect.  He did call me twice today, though, so I feel like he was part of my experience.

For a few weeks, I have been corresponding with a woman at VisionAWARE, an online resource center which provides free, practical, hands-on information to increase independence and enhance quality of life for adults with vision loss, along with families, friends, and related professionals.  She asked if she could interview me for their website.  I agreed and answered her questions and gave some quotes from my blog and even read and approved the content before they posted it.  Still, I was surprised  to see this big article on their website today.  I feel honored to be featured, but also a bit embarrassed and overwhelmed.

It’s such a nice article.  They did such a good job.  I feel so honored to be in the company of the other people who have been featured.  It feels a little bit like winning an award –  I don’t believe that I deserve it, but it sure feels good.

Then, someone on Twitter (Pictory) asked a question about a life lesson and I responded with a link to my blog post about “Bloom Where You’re Planted.”  Pictory retweeted my response and my number of page views went up, up, up.  I have said before that I don’t put too much emphasis on the numbers, but it felt great to watch the number of views rise.

Since John is still at camp, I stopped at Wegmans and picked up Indian food for dinner for myself, Sam and his girlfriend, Julie.  It was delicious.  I love having adult children.  It is great to be able to talk with them and get their perspective on things.  After dinner, Julie made us each a smoothie, and we sat on the front porch and drank them.

Some friends noticed (in my blog) that I am home and John is gone, and they invited me to go to a movie with them.  How nice!  I decided to stay home with Sam and Julie, but I really appreciated the offer.

That is the kind of day I have had.  A day filled with delights.  A day filled with surprises.  A day filled with kindness.  A day filled with grace.  Today has been just a wonderful testament to the goodness of people and the love of a wonderful God who watches over the universe.


9 thoughts on “Delightful Day

  1. Wow! Wow! (shaking my head) That interview was superb! You and I have gone through so many of the same things it is as if you are writing my life story. I feel so comforted knowing you through your blog Belinda. It is an uncanny feeling but a good feeling (smiling). Your interview was amazing and the way that you explained things made it easily understood. I can see why there was not much editing also. I am going to be gone for several days without a computer but I hope to catch up on all of your blog postings when I come back. If there is the possibility of coming in contact with a computer I will definitely read your blog! Your blog comforts me Belinda. It really does ((hugs))

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  3. your article was a great start to my day. I became aware of so much about you and what you’ve been going through . It is so inspiring to see your strength through all of this. I know that you are an amazing , strong women and it is uplifting to read this article and see your beauty and strength shine through. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. Your thoughts and words are going to touch many people.

    • Thanks, Traci. You lived with us for a week at camp, so you know I am really not so perfect. Still, it is wonderful for you to write such nice things. You are an inspiration to me in the way you love your beautiful Jayme! And the way you work so hard to make a good life for the two of you. Peace.

  4. This is Maureen, your interviewer and Editorial Director of VisionAWARE. You were a dream interview — I barely had to edit anything! I think your interview is wonderful and will help many people who may experiencing similar situations. We’ve heard that support group leaders like to use our interviews as springboards for discussion, so who knows? You may be studied by a vision loss support group very soon!

    Thank you so much for agreeing to the interview. I learned a lot from you, Belinda.

    • Thanks, Maureen. You made the interview process very easy for me. 🙂 I enjoyed it a lot and hope that some people find the story of my journey helpful in some way. I hope that we keep in touch.

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