Visiting Camp

Today was a great day.  I went to Camp Koinonia to visit family and friends who are spending the week at Family Camp.  This includes my husband, who is serving as Spiritual Director for the week.  It sounds like it has been a great week at camp.  I’ve missed John a lot, but I feel proud of how well I have managed without him.  I did not allow my vision problems to stop me, even though I was on my own.

Camp Koinonia is a gorgeous place, a holy place.  When I am there, I feel close to the divine.  God seems very present in the middle of all that nature.

The camp is in a valley and the hills rise all around.  There is a huge field surrounded by acres of woods.  The sky is enormous above the camp.  Everything feels open and expansive.  There is room to move and room to breathe.

An important building at Camp Koinonia is the chapel.  It is a simple building at the top of the field.  The side walls are made from screens, so it feels airy and breezy inside.  At Family Camp, we have Mass every day.  These are the most joyfully celebrated Masses I have ever participated in.

There is also an outdoor chapel.  This is one of my favorite places in the world.  Sitting in the chapel, I feel peaceful and centered.  The breeze makes the most calming sound.  The chapel is surrounded by trees.  They form a canopy through which the sun peeks, making the chapel bright but cool and airy.  I love to sit on the stone bench and look up, through the leaves far above, to the sky beyond.

At Camp Koinonia, I experience God’s presence in a unique way.  I sense the divine in nature, in the beautiful surroundings, in the wind.  During Family Camp, another layer is added and I see God’s grace working in the families, the teen staff, and in my own marriage.  I am thankful to the friend who first invited us to go to Family Camp.  I am grateful for the 16 years we have participated in Family Camp and the wonderful, lasting friendships we have made.  I feel blessed by every minute I have spent at Camp Koinonia.

I pray that everyone can find a place like Camp Koinonia.  A place that facilitates a connection with God.  A place that brings peace.


6 thoughts on “Visiting Camp

  1. Belinda, Sounds like the perfect Highpoint story for our Constant contact mailings! What do you think? Can I ‘re-print’ it?
    Aside from that, I really, really, really super-duper missed you at Camp this week. John did a fantastic job, but, he was never as bright and joyful as when you are standing beside him. I missed your Divine Feminine presence! Glad you get to be there for week 2, though! Love, Sheri

    • Sheri, thanks. I missed spending the week with you, too. Hopefully we will be able to get together soon, although nothing is like a whole week together at camp. You may reprint the post or part of it and you may use any of my pictures. If you could please just mention that it came from my blog and give the website so people can find it if they want, I would really appreciate it. Love you!

    • Hi, Lee. I hadn’t heard of family camp at Madonna House in Canada. That’s great. For us, family camp has been the thread that stitched our family together with threads that are very strong. Thanks for commenting.

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