Happy Surprises

Today was a photo day!  Flowers are blooming in our yard, so I ventured out (after the rain ended) to see if I could get some photos.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that my black-eyed susan, which is always threatening to die, is blooming.  There is only one flower, but it has a bud beside it, so this may be its best summer ever.

Speaking of struggling flowers, our poor hibiscus is still blooming.  This is despite the fact that it is planted right beside the air conditioner, which blasts air at it constantly in this heat.

Even though it has the misfortune of living next to the air conditioner, the hibiscus is gorgeous.  It has been brightening its spot with pink flowers for over a month.

I found this tiny remnant of eggshell in the garden.  I like to think about the baby bird escaping the cramped confines of the shell and bursting out into the world.  Soon, the baby bird will be adding its song to the morning chorus outside our window.

Here is my favorite photo of the day.

caught by the web

Our hosta plant is, apparently, hosting a spider who built a web that caught some raindrops.  Nature put a lot of work into preparing this little scene for my camera.  I’m so glad that I aimed my camera into the hosta leaves and captured it.  For me, this photo is a little unexpected blessing.


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