Fun With Photography

I really love taking photos.  I enjoy every part of the process of creating a photograph – searching for a subject, checking the light, taking the picture, uploading and viewing the photos, cropping and editing, posting the finished product.  I have collected a few random photos that I thought I would share today.


This would be a good photo if that girl did not have three legs (and three arms).  No wonder those boys are looking at her!  When I saw this, I laughed and laughed.  I would blame it on having low vision, except that I probably would not have noticed the problem even if I had perfect vision.


These little guys were just hanging out and enjoying the sun.  I don’t know why they were gathered on a chair outside a cabin at Family Camp, but I’m so glad they were there.  It was a pleasant surprise to see them.  I love their expressions.  They are so cheerful that they make me smile.


This is a picture of the cabin where my daughter, Emily, is living for the summer.  It makes me happy to think of her there, with that splash of color outside her door to greet her every morning.

Our Rose of Sharon is bursting with buds.  We will have beautiful flowers all through the rest of July and August.  Here is a full blossom.

I love Rose of Sharon.  I was thrilled to find a mature tree (bush?) in our yard when we moved into our house in Rochester.

I am working on developing my photography skills.  Most of the time, though, I feel like good photos are happy accidents.  Today, I uploaded some photos and found that I had stood between the sun and the things I was photographing.  My shadow fell right across the center of each photo.  My photography journey is two steps forward and one step backward, but it is a fun journey and I am enjoying it very much.


10 thoughts on “Fun With Photography

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  4. I love those ducks. I saw them “hanging out” in front of the imfirmary durring week 1 @ Family Camp. They started out “chillin” in the flower bed and by weeks end had made it to the chair. I am happy to see that they are still there. I ment to photograph them myself and never did. Am so happy that you captured it. May I have a copy of the photo-so I can keep part of Camp with me throughout the year? Love ya lots!!

    • Aren’t they the greatest? They made me smile every time I went in or out of our cabin. By the end of this week, there was only one left. He was still smiling and brightening everyone’s day. Of course you may have a copy of the photo. Thanks for the nice comment.

  5. The phrase… good photos are happy accidents… really hit me as a great way to approach your art. The art is there if we look hard enuf to find it and are open to happy accidents.

    • Thanks, Jim. I also like that phrase – happy accidents. I am glad that you can still consider “happy accidents” to be art. I just keep taking pictures and feel very blessed when something turns out beautiful. One of these days I will get brave and enter a photo into a contest or an art show.

  6. Hee hee! The three legged three armed girl! Ok if that was real life no I wouldnt laugh but you caught a great picture there! Your other photos just make me smile Belinda. Thanks for bringing some happiness to my day!

    • Thanks, Pam. And thanks for telling Gen about my blog. I am always glad to have additional friends on the journey. I’m glad you enjoyed my “fun” photos.

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