Heavy Equipment

Here is the strangest thing about me.  Lately, I am enamored with heavy equipment.  I love it and wish I could operate it.  I am that annoying person who drives very slowly through road construction sites so that I can stare at the machines.  I never used to have this problem.  I would drive right by without even giving the equipment a glance.  Now, though, I can not stop staring.  I love the buckets that scoop up the dirt and dump it into the back of trucks.  I love the steamrollers that pack down new blacktop. I love the power and the noise.

Now, RG&E is doing some sort of gas line work on our street and has left equipment right by our house.  I have been sitting on my porch and staring at it since I returned home from camp.  The machines have made a terrible mess, digging up people’s front yards, but all I can think is that I wish I could be home during the workday to watch these machines do their work.

I walked over to the equipment today to take pictures.  The neighbors were watching.  They probably thought that I was taking pictures for some kind of complaint.  I suppose they would never imagine that I love having these impressive machines so close to my house.

What draws me to these machines, this heavy equipment, at this point in my life?  I think it is an admiration for their strength and power, their ability to function under adverse conditions, their capacity to move mountains by sheer force of will.  I want to be like them in powering through obstacles, overcoming adversity, achieving results.  Strength, tenacity, power, and endurance are all qualities I want to build in myself so that I overcome all obstacles that low vision may put in my path.  Heavy equipment gets its power from the strength of its engine.  I get my power from the strength of the faith, love, and hope in my life.  Why would I fall in love with heavy equipment?  I think I love heavy equipment because I want to learn to imitate its ability – I want to improve and beautify all the things (and people) that I touch.


8 thoughts on “Heavy Equipment

  1. Who knew a Backhoe could be so inspirational!?! I too want to have a strong powerful faith driven engine that moves mountains and creates thing anew! I already think of you as having the best qualities of a giant dumptruck. Ferociously strong and solid, you are able to carry a heavy load. I figure you are probably working on this part like I am-releasing that load. Perhaps Jesus is the driver? Thanks Belinda. You are the best!

  2. You would love my house then Belinda! LOL! I have some heavy equipment but not the roadside size (smiling). Backhoe and Bulldozer along with a dump trailer! I am going to learn to drive and operate them too!

  3. Such great insight! Whenever I drive by the lot selling the very large farm equipment on the way to Camp Koinonia I have the desire to drive one. I have no idea what they do but they are very intriguing and seem very powerful. I mentioned this to Steve and said that if I were to create a “Bucket List” driving one of those vehicles would be on it.

    • Who knew there was an army of women desiring to drive the big machines? lol We will take over the world one day! Thanks for the comment. I am glad to find that I am not alone in my love of powerful equipment.

  4. I recently subscribed to your blog and am enjoying reading your posts. I really admire your courage and have been very moved and inspired by your strength and grace. I will never look at big machinery the same way again.

    • Hi, Jan. Welcome! I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying my posts and I am especially glad that you chose to comment. I am happy to convert women to share my love of big machines. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words.

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