Unexpected Glory

Once in a while, God gives me a gift that is so glorious, so beautiful, so unexpected that it takes my breath away.  Today, I received one of these gifts.  John and I were driving and saw some ENORMOUS windmills.  They were so big and so far away that their size was hard to comprehend.  We stopped the car so that I could take pictures.

It was really hard to capture the size of the windmills.  They are so much bigger and more impressive than they look in my photos.  Their size is shocking.  Even so, the windmills are not the gift I was talking about.  After I had taken some photos, we drove just a few feet and we saw a glorious, amazing field of sunflowers.

If there is anything more beautiful than a field of blossoming sunflowers with their heads turned toward a bright sun, I don’t know what it is.  They were happily soaking up the sunshine, just waiting for us to come along and enjoy their beauty.  We stopped the car and just stared at them for a few minutes.

The bright yellow flowers stood taller than I could reach.  Thousands of plants filled the field and each plant hosted a huge blossom.

The flowers filled me with pure joy.  I took some pictures and we went on our way.  But the wonder and grace of that field of sunflowers has stayed with me.

Luckily, John tolerates my habit of asking him to stop the car so that I can try to capture some of the beauty on camera.  I feel so blessed tonight.  I saw breathtaking man-made machines juxtaposed with glorious natural flowers.  The grace of the moment was not lost on me.  I know that God delights in showering gifts on me, the way God delights in showering gifts on everyone.  Seeing these magnificent sights today reminds me to keep my eyes open tomorrow to see what gifts are in store for me tomorrow.


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