There is a lot happening in my life right now, so I thought I would make a post about Random Updates on My Life:

  1. Things are moving along with my assistive technology for work.  Today a vendor came to my office and showed me some equipment, to help decide what will work best in my space.  Now, I think the report can be written and I can get the equipment I need.  My employer has agreed to provide ZoomText software, so I am waiting for that to be installed.  I feel like things are going in the right direction, but everything is moving so slowly.  Everyone I am working with is helpful and kind, and I am grateful for their help.
  2. Someone broke into our garage and took some stuff.  This follows on the heels of a bike being stolen out of our yard and our parked car’s side mirror being smashed.  I am feeling a bit scared and annoyed, but also very relieved that it was our garage and not our house.  We are big believers in “closing the barn door after the horse is out.”  So, we are now going to replace the garage window with glass blocks.  We are blessed that nothing important was taken and no one was hurt and there was hardly any damage to our garage.
  3. My husband, John, and I are writing a Marriage and Family blog for our diocesan newspaper, The Catholic Courier.  We were asked to write two posts every week, so we are taking turns and each writing one post a week.  It is a natural progression of the marriage and family ministries we have been part of for many years.  I am excited about this because it combines things that I love – writing and marriage and family life.  I see God’s grace working in our lives in this opportunity.
  4. We had a great day with family and friends yesterday.  First, we went to church with our friends and their children (and our godson!) as they renewed their wedding vows on their 10th anniversary.  Then, we drove about an hour south to visit my brother and my nieces.  We were supposed to pick blueberries but I neglected to do my homework and the place is closed on Sundays.  It didn’t really matter, though, since we had chosen a place near my brother’s house and could still visit with him.  Then, we came home and went to our favorite local diner and ran into some friends there.  It was really a day full of love.  It was so nice to spend time with three sets of people we care about.
  5. This blog has passed 10,000 views.  Hooray!  I know I am trying not to put too much emphasis on my numbers, but 10,000 views is pretty fantastic as far as I’m concerned.

Now you are all caught up on what is going on in my life.  No great insights, just muddling through and trying to find grace in everyday occurrences.


2 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. That is truly a lot going on in your life! It is very scary when someone takes something of yours, threatens your safety and well being and your sanity. That happened to us several times back where we used to live. At the moment we are fortunate nothing has happened here but there is always a first time. Wow 10,000 views! Yipee! That is great! I am so glad Gen came on board too. That made me feel so good to “see” her here. I knew she would feel welcome here. Thanks for everything you do for all of us by writing your blog Belinda ((hugs))

    • Thanks, Pam, both for commenting and for letting Gen know about my blog. I was a bit worried that today’s post was too scattered, but you seem to have paid attention to all the details. As always, I appreciate your support.

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