The Taste Of Joy

John is so good to me!  I asked him to help me complete some tasks on my List of 50 Things and he is helping make my dreams come true.

After our blueberry picking fiasco on Sunday, we decided to try again.  Yesterday, after work, we drove to a farm that is not too far away and picked berries.  We filled four quart baskets quickly and were home before dark.  I feel like I have the best of both worlds – we live in the city but have quick access to a blueberry farm.  Lucky!  The only bad news is that my camera battery was dead when I tried to take photos.  Aaargh!!  My least favorite and most preventable problem.  So, no pictures but the blueberries are delicious.

Tonight, after dinner, John had another treat for me.  He built a fire in the fire pit and we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.  Hooray!

I think it as been several years since we made s’mores.  All I can remember are little kids with sharp sticky sticks and melted burnt marshmallow everywhere and white goo on hands and faces and clothes and hair.  Tonight was not like that.  Grown-up s’more making is much more pleasant.  We roasted our marshmallows to a perfect light brown and managed to make and eat s’mores without making any mess.

When I made my list, I tried to include a lot of things I have fond memories of doing, in childhood, in early marriage, or when our children were little.  I wanted to experience these things before my vision deteriorated any more.  So far, doing the things on my list has brought me so much joy.  The trip in the convertible was a real high point.  Walking in city parks has been wonderful (although I still have many to visit).  Picking blueberries and roasting marshmallows are pretty small tasks.  But, while completing them, I felt a sense of peace and happiness and a really nice connection with John.  In the last few days, I have had a taste of joy.


6 thoughts on “The Taste Of Joy

  1. Who could have guessed that we had a Smoreologist among our circle of friends? The gifts and talents of those we know and love continue to emerge. Now I’m looking forward to August 10 for another culinary delight on National S’mores Day.

  2. You should have invited me over because I am an expert in this field, of smoreology. I try not to tout, but, I am actually a Smoreologist. There’s a science to the perfectly warmed, softened and toasted marshmellow, slightly pre-melted chocolate, crisp grahms, and the all important finale; the assembly!!! Did you know that National ‘Smores Day is coming up? August 10th!

    • Oh, you are a smoreologist? I wish I had known. I toasted my marshmallows just perfectly and then…I could not remember the rest of the recipe. Luckily, Sam was there to remind me. Graham Cracker THEN chocolate THEN marshmallows. I would have made it all wrong. lol We will have to make them again on August 10, but I’d better hide the leftover chocolate bars or they will be all gone by then.

      • Okay, I’ll tell you one of my super-secrets: You put the chocolate on the graham and set it near the fire (not too close) so the chocolate can get a little soft and melty before the marshmellow arrives… yum!

      • Oooh, your secret is out. We got lucky, because it was so hot out, the chocolate DID get soft and melty. If you look at my photo, you can see it peeking out.

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