Baseball Game

My reward for weeding yesterday was to go to a baseball game.  That is another item to cross of my List of 50 Things I want to do before my birthday.  Last night John and I went to a Rochester Red Wings baseball game at Frontier Field with a couple of friends, our son Ben, and his friend Kyle.  It was a perfect evening for a baseball game.  The weather was warm but not too hot.  And what a game!  The score went back and forth, back and forth and went into the 13th inning before it was over.  There were some really great plays on both sides.  The game ended with the Red Wings losing in the most bizarre play I’ve ever seen. I still am not quite sure what happened, but suddenly the game was over.

Rochester has a great baseball stadium, right down the street from our house.  It’s in the city and it has a great urban vibe.  You can see downtown buildings all around the stadium.  The railroad tracks are near the field, and trains always go by during baseball games.  I love just being in the stadium.  John and I go to at least one or two baseball games every summer.  We just buy cheap seats, because there are no bad seats in the stadium.

Last night, we sat up high behind first base.  We had a great view of the field, but I couldn’t read the scoreboard.  I did not take my camera (breaking my first rule of blind photography – take your camera everywhere) or I could have used it to zoom in and see everything better.  I have to learn not to break my own rules.  Even thought I could not read the scoreboard, I was able to follow the game.  It was an exciting game, but it didn’t end until almost midnight.  We really got our money’s worth!

I am working my way through my list, but I have a long way to go.  It’s really not that important that I complete all the items on the list, as long as I’m having fun with it.  It feels good to be deliberate about spending time with John, doing things we want to do, instead of just letting time slip by and wondering where it went.


2 thoughts on “Baseball Game

  1. Thanks,,
    I made the catch….
    “important to be deliberate and not just let time
    slip by and wonder where it went…..”
    You have a most interesting way of conveying the
    best in life’s lessons…

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