National S’more Day

Today was National S’more Day.  With our current “carpe diem” attitude, John and I decided to seize and CELEBRATE the day.

Last week, John and I made s’mores and I wrote a post about it on my blog.  My friend, Sheri, commented on the post and mentioned that August 10 is National S’more Day.  John and I had a brilliant idea – we would invite friends over to make s’mores and have a little party.  We would make it just a casual little gathering of friends.

We invited some friends (with only a couple of days notice) and people actually showed up.  I had so much fun!  Everything was so simple – just a few supplies, almost no preparation, and no pressure whatsoever.  No one we invited had heard of National S’more Day before this year, so no one had any expectations.  It was a great opportunity to have some friends over and relax and have a good time.

Starting the fire – too hot to roast marshmallows!

Ahhh, that’s better.  Nice, hot embers to toast marshmallows to golden brown.

Finding just the right spot over the fire.

Taking turns toasting marshmallows.

Emily’s turn at the fire – that marshmallow looks almost ready.

Mmmmm so yummy!

Celebrating the S’more!

Two s’more friends.

Bibi, did you sneak a little taste?

Making the perfect s’more.

Happy S’more Day!

The fire is dying down.

Ready and waiting for the party to end.

I am so happy that we took the opportunity to celebrate National S’more Day in such a casual, stress-free way with good friends.  Hmmm, we may have to make this an annual event.


11 thoughts on “National S’more Day

  1. OMG I can just taste them!! Yum! Looks like you had a great time and so did everyone else. Including the dogs! LOL! Sadly I have a wheat sensitivity so no more traditional s’mores for me. But I imagine I could always compromise! hee hee!

    • Well, you could eat the marshmallows and the chocolate, but I don”t know what you could replace the graham crackers with. I’m sure we can think of something! Anyway, toasted marshmallows are delicious all by themselves. lol

  2. Oh what a wonderful event we had. Looking at your photo’s puts a smile on my face & reminds me how great of an evening it was eating s’mores and hanging with friends.

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