Dog Park

In our quest to visit all of the parks in the Rochester area, John and I took our dogs to the Greece Canal Park.  We had heard that there is a new dog park there and we were eager to check it out and to see how our dogs would act around other dogs.

We knew we were on the right track as soon as we saw the new banner that hangs next to the Canal Park sign.  We were excited to test out the park.  We drove into the park and followed the signs until we came to a big area surrounded by a chain link fence.

The dog park did not look very charming.  Just big and bare.  The park was divided into two sides, large dogs and small dogs (under 25 pounds).  The big dog side had a crowd of about 10 dogs plus people.  Luckily, the small dog side had only two dogs in it.  A woman met us at the gate and made sure our dogs had rabies tags.  We opened the gate and entered with our dogs.  The two little dogs came over to greet our newcomers.  Everyone was polite and, although there was a little barking, there was no fighting.  We took our dogs off their leashes and watched to see what they would do.

Mostly, they explored the area while staying near us.  At one point, Zuzu noticed the big dogs on the other side of the fence.  She ran to the fence and barked like crazy at the big dogs.  They ignored her and Zuzu eventually calmed down.

In each side of the dog park, there was a “doggy drinking fountain.”  Our dogs thought that was great.  I have to agree that a doggy drinking fountain is a wonderful invention.

We stayed at the dog park for a little while and then went for a walk along the park’s canal path.

The Greece Canal Park, with its dog park, is a great place to visit in Rochester.  I am very glad that we have discovered it and I am sure we will visit again soon.


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