Meteor Shower

I read that the Perseid Meteor Shower would provide a wonderful show last night, and so I suggested that we drive out of the city after dark and watch it for a while.  John thought it sounded like a good idea, so at about 11:00pm we drove out to Northampton Park in Ogden.  There is a lot of light pollution in the city and we weren’t even sure if the sky was clear or overcast, but we really wanted to try to see the meteor shower.

I have never seen a shooting star or meteor.  In the past, when stargazing, I always seem to be looking at the wrong part of the sky when someone sees something interesting.  I was not sure that my limited vision would allow me to see any meteors, but I wanted to give it a try.  This meteor shower comes annually and I could not help but think about how bad my vision might be by next August.  I did not want to waste any opportunity to try to see this glorious sight.

Sam and his friend Chris decided to go with us to the park, so we drove about 20 minutes out of the city and found the park.  We were afraid that it would be closed, but the parking lot was full of cars and our headlights showed that there were people scattered all over a huge field.  We carried our blankets out away from other people, sprayed ourselves with bug spray, and lay down to let our eyes adjust to the darkness.

The sky was clear and there were a LOT of stars.  I tried my best to soften my gaze so that I could see as much of the sky as possible.  I didn’t want to focus on one part of the sky, because I was afraid I would miss the meteors.  I need not have worried.  We started seeing a light show right away.  At one point, a beautiful light with a long white tail streaked across the sky.  It made me catch my breath.  It was so exciting to see it.  There were many smaller meteors over the course of the hour that we lay there.  Then, just as we were getting ready to leave, a huge, bright meteor lit up the sky.  Everyone in the park started cheering.  It was fantastic.

Watching a meteor shower was not on my list of 50 things to do.  But planning an inexpensive date with John was and I think I will count our meteor shower night as a date.  Having a list of things I want to do and working on arranging and completing them has created a change in me.  The list started out based on fear that I will lose my eyesight but now it has more to do with joy and enjoying every moment.  I find myself more willing to be spontaneous, more open to fun, more creative.  I like this new person I am allowing myself to become.  This is one more blessing, one more experience of grace, to spring from my deteriorating vision.


7 thoughts on “Meteor Shower

  1. What a beautiful story and wonderful moment of love for you and John. Hope all of your life is filled with these kinds of joys. I’m so sorry that I missed the meteors, but your story brought me even more joy . Love to you both.
    Grandma Carol

  2. Oh I am SO jealous!! LOL! My husband took me outside so that we could look for the meteors. He saw a few before I came outside and I said that I would love to see them too. I had been ready to go to bed so he hadnt asked me. We live in a rural area so no lights around here. Yes, tons of stars and so beautiful! I could not focus either on one area and if I looked straight at anything the stars were blotted out. Even with the good eye due to the traction. I kept holding my neck like I was cradling it to stare at the sky. Nope not even one!!
    My husband is like I am really sorry honey. I chuckled and said I probably wouldnt have been able to see it anyways because I wouldnt be able to focus on it. That it would be blotted out. But I had a nice time just standing out there with him under the stars. That had to be a great experience with the people cheering too! So glad you enjoyed yourself!

    • I have never been able to see them before, but this time I was blessed. I think that,because there were so many, I was able to see some. I’m sorry that you didn’t see any, but it sounds like it was a great experience just to stand under the big blanket of stars with your husband. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you had a great time, but can you count it as a date if you bring your son? I think John can do better than that! (lol) I’ll never forget my first meteor shower experience. I was summering in california at yosemite during college with some friends and we camped out on a high plateau. It was a perfect clear night and the show was incredible. We fell asleep staring up at the sky. It was one of lifes perfect moments catered by nature. Peace

    • Okay, okay, I was trying to get away with something by counting that as a date. lol John could do better, but this is MY date to plan, so I have to come up with something. The meteor shower was spectacular and I am so glad that we took the time to go and watch it, even if it doesn’t count. :p

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