Thought Conditioner #6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding.  —Proverbs 3:5

I love this thought conditioner.  I say it to myself often when I am frustrated or discouraged or stressed.  A lot of times, things happen and I don’t understand why.  Really bad things happen to really good people and it is hard to figure out what good can come out of these situations.  I see injustice all around me and I feel really discouraged.  At times like this, I can take comfort from this proverb.

This thought conditioner has two parts, and both parts are very important.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart. I believe that God is all merciful and all good.  I believe that I can put my faith and trust in the divine power that loves me very much.  When I go through hard times, I hang onto this trust and it gets me through.

The second part of the proverb puts my perception of the world into perspective.  Lean not unto your own understanding.  It is important for me to remember that I do not always see the big picture.  I see a little piece of what is happening and I make assumptions about what the best outcome would be.  But I do not have all the pieces of the puzzle.  My perception is incomplete.  I forget, sometimes, that blessings often arrive in disguise.  My own understanding can be very flawed.

For example, when my vision began to deteriorate, I thought it was a terrible thing – a curse, even.  I wondered if God was punishing me or teaching me a lesson or if God just did not care about me.  If I had “leaned on my own understanding,” I could have become very bitter or angry and withdrawn from God and lost my faith.  Instead, this thought conditioner helped me to accomplish its two goals:

  1. Trust in God – keep my faith that divine love would sustain me through whatever was about to happen to my eyesight and
  2. Lean Not on my understanding – to know that God’s grace would be revealed to me in this situation if I kept my heart open and really searched.

Because I trusted in God and the divine overview, I was able to begin to find grace in my low vision.  Even though it is hidden in a pretty good disguise, my vision problems have turned out to be a wonderful blessing.  I have learned so much about myself, about the blind and low-vision community, about love and grace, about finding and savoring the beauty in the world.  I have grown so much because of my vision loss.  I will take these lessons into any difficult situations I may encounter in the future.  I will continue to trust in God and to remember not to lean on my own incomplete understanding, but to lean on divine love’s perfect understanding, which really does see the big picture.


5 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Thanks for wonderful #6 and the link to other thought conditioners. Will do some further reading on that. This blog is a beautiful site with your thoughts/emotions/approach/insight into your low vision. I’m troubled to hear that your eyesight is going so low. ‘Had forgotten that you had such strong corrective lenses back in college. Will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. ‘So glad you had a chance to see the meteor showers. I meant to, perhaps I still can in the coming nights.


    PS Cute dogs! My brother’s family has a Bichon Frise – Fluffy – so cute, too!

    • Hi Linda, I’m so glad you commented. It’s funny what a big part of my transformation (into a more positive person) those thought conditioners have been. Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I really love writing it and have met some great people from all over the world and reconnected with old friends and now you are one! My vision is not great but I am dealing with it well and I am blessed to have a great support system. Thanks for your prayers. When I have a bad day, it will be so uplifting to know you are praying for me. Thank you for your comment. I would love to hear about you and your family!

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