Open My Eyes

Since we sang the song “Open My Eyes” by Jesse Manibusan at Family Camp this summer, it has been going through my head a lot.  I find myself singing it and humming it all the time.

We spent a week this summer focusing on opening our eyes, opening our ears, opening our hearts to see and hear and love like God.  At Camp, surrounded by families and teens who are working on loving each other and being the best they can be, it was really easy to see love in everyone.  We were in a place full of gorgeous natural beauty and could see the Creator’s hand everywhere.

I have been working really hard to keep my eyes and ears open to see and hear God in the city and to love “non-camp” people as much as I loved the people in that little sanctuary of our camp retreat.  I have discovered God’s face and heard God’s voice in some unexpected, surprising places.

When we went to pick blueberries, there was a really annoying little girl “picking” with her family.  She was being very loud and I did not appreciate her presence during my special blueberry time.  I decided to let go of my annoyance and try to ignore her, when the strangest thing happened.  I noticed how calmly and sweetly and lovingly her father was speaking to her.  I realized that I was hearing the voice of God in her father’s voice.

My eyes were opened to the seeing the face of God, or at least the hand of God, when we watched the meteor shower.  I was unprepared for how moving and beautiful the meteors were.  Each one made me catch my breath.  Each one looked like a masterpiece.  Sharing the experience with John and Sam was an unexpected opportunity to bask together in a feeling of wonder and enchantment.  I expected a show and I received a miracle.

I find myself singing this song and praying these words over and over since taking them to heart this summer –

Open my eyes, Lord, help me to see your face.

Open my ears, Lord, help me to hear your voice.

Open my heart, Lord, help me to love like you.

These are wonderful words to dwell upon.  I am thankful that we spent so much time listening to this song on our retreat.  Like the thought conditioners that we memorized all those years ago, I can feel these words sinking into my subconscious mind and my heart and beginning to transform me.  I welcome the change.


11 thoughts on “Open My Eyes

  1. Hi Belinda,

    I have been meaning to thank you and John for a wonderful program at Family Camp. I always tell the kids that God cannot speak to us in the same way we talk with each other, but he gives us signs if we look for them. This song served as one of those signs! After hearing this song all week at Family Camp this summer (2 weeks worth for Morgan and John Cody) it took on a special place in our hearts, and in our relationship with God.

    Here is the “sign” part… During the new student convocation and blessing at Canisius freshman orientation, guess what song was selected for the students to sing? You guessed it “Open My Eyes”.

    To me this was God’s way of saying, “Morgan is in the right place.” If you “listen” for Him, you will “hear” His voice right there in your midst!

    • John, thanks for sharing that. Isn’t God so good. Sending a child off to college is so hard, but receiving a sign like that must have made the day easier. Morgan is a wonderful young woman and will do very well at Canisius. I always liked this song, but it became very important to me after hearing it so many times at Camp.

  2. Thanks for sharing that song with us at camp. Work has been really stressful so it’s great when I walk to sing it in my head.

    • Hi, Lisa. Sorry your work is so stressful right now 😦 I hope it gets better soon. I am glad this song helps you as much as it helps me. I will think of you the next time it pops into my head. 🙂

  3. thanks Belinda for sharing this song! It is a beautiful song and hopefully I will remember it so it plays over and over in my head.

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