I have ZoomText at work.  It was installed yesterday.  Hooray!  It makes a huge difference when I am working with text.  It is a big improvement and I am very happy.  It takes a little bit of work to get used to it, because it makes my mouse a little jerky as it moves the screen as I read.  Still, it is a very welcome change and my eyes are very appreciative.

Another change in my life lately is that I have decided to challenge myself to make a photoblog and publish one of my photos each day.  It is a challenge because it forces me to keep taking and editing photos regularly.  I believe that this will help me to improve my skills.  You will find my photoblog at Photo Insights.  I would love to read comments about any of my photos.

Blog, blog, blog.  This blog now has over 13,000 views, which totally amazes me.  I love writing it and I really love reading the comments that each post receives.  Now, my husband, John, and I are writing a blog for our local diocesan newspaper’s online edition.  Our blog is about marriage and family life and it can be found at Catholic Courier – To Have and To Hold.  We are each writing one post per week.  Since I have discovered that I love to write, I am happy to have another opportunity.  The good (or bad) thing about the marriage and family blog is that we do not have access to our “numbers,” so there is no worry (or celebration) about how many people are reading each post.

In addition to these external changes, I am working on some internal changes.  I am trying to make the most of each day, of each moment.  I have spent the last few years filling each second of every day with things to do – working or volunteering or chores or errands.  Now, this transition to low vision has encouraged me to reevaluate the way I spend my time.  I am really enjoying this breather from our busy pace.  I miss some of the things I used to do, but I appreciate the time I now have – time to relax, time to have fun, time to talk to the people I love, time to pray, time to think.  Even though the circumstances that gave me this time are not the best, I recognize that this time is a gift and I intend to make the most of it.


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