We had a lovely day yesterday.  I have been thinking about starting my herb garden, so we visited a greenhouse to see if they have any herb plants left.  I had very low expectations, since it is nearing the end of the summer.  I thought that they might have a few scraggly leftover plants.  To my surprise, the greenhouse had a bounty of delights.

The first thing that caught my eye was a group of martin houses.  They were way up high, overseeing the greenhouse and gardens.  I took a couple of photos and, when I uploaded them, I was amazed at the detailing on them.  The birdhouses were just lovely from far away, but even lovelier up close.

Flowers were everywhere.  This garden did not look like the last gasp of summer at all.  We walked around outside and saw so much beauty.  We turned a corner and there were thousands of mums.  The gorgeous plants are not blossoming yet, but they are almost ready.  I can hardly imagine how that spot is going to look when all those mums burst into bloom.  It will be breathtaking.

We went into the greenhouse and it felt like stepping into church.  Inside it was quiet and peaceful and there seemed to be a real sense of holiness.  We walked through this sanctuary reverently and were awe-struck by the glory.

We saw plants from the tiny to the enormous.  They have just planted their crop of poinsettias.  It made me so happy to think that the delicate seedlings will one day bring Christmas colors to many, many homes.  Giant plants (I do not know what they are) towered over us, as if we had entered a jungle.

Color was everywhere.  Greens, of course, but also pinks and purples, blues and yellows.  The abundance was breathtaking.  I did buy a few herb plants to begin my herb garden, but the experience was so much more than just a shopping trip.  I left feeling refreshed and peaceful and renewed and inspired.


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