Visiting Family ♥

I had the most wonderful weekend!  We drove to Jackson, Ohio to visit my sister and her husband and children (Michael and Adina).  The trip takes eight hours plus stops, so we have not made it in years.  The time was right, so all five of us packed into the van after work on Thursday and set out for the long drive.

My sister, Marge, and her husband, Bob, live on a rural road outside Jackson.  They have the best of both worlds.  It does not take long to get into town, but their house has a lovely country setting.  They have a lot of Amish neighbors and it is wonderful to sit on their porch and watch the Amish buggies go by, driven by beautiful horses.

While we were in Jackson, Marge and I spent a lot of time catching up on news about children, jobs, and all kinds of other things.  We told old stories and laughed and laughed.  She brought out some old family photos and we looked through them, then scanned some onto a disc so that I could take them home.  Here is my maternal grandparents’ wedding photo

We looked through some old jewelry that belonged to my grandmother.  I remembered her wearing some of it and it brought back lots of memories of my grandparents.  Marge and I told our children stories about our grandparents, our parents, and ourselves when we were young.  We laughed and we cried.

We also did some sightseeing around Jackson.  I wrote in yesterday’s post about the Amish greenhouse, which was a sanctuary of plant life.  We also visited an Amish farm stand (with organic veggies) and a bakery which offered huge, delicious glazed donuts that we could smell as soon as we entered the parking lot.

Marge had prepared a great surprise for me.  One of her Amish friends went with us to an Amish farm and asked the owner if we could see his horses.  Since one of the items on my list was to ride a horse, I was very excited!  We saw horses from big to small as he brought out his Percheron work horse (huge) and a miniature horse (tiny) for us to see and pet.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the miniature horse is about as big as a large dog, while the work horse towered over me.  The little horse was blind in one eye, but obviously well-loved by the farmer and his children.  While we were at the farm, the farmer let us take turns riding a horse (bareback – a little scary)!  Here is Emily on the pony.

The Amish farmer was very patient and seemed to want us “city people” to get our fill of the farm.  It was a dream come true to spend time with the horses.

Our sightseeing tour complete, we returned to Marge’s house for some rousing games of “Cornhole.”  I had never heard of this game, but I guess it is HUGE in Ohio.

We had so much fun tossing those bags and trying to get them into the hole.  I was terrible, but at least I hit the board a few times.  Luckily, Ben was my partner and he was really good.  Marge and Adina beat us, but we didn’t get destroyed.  We took turns playing until it was too dark.  I don’t know when I have enjoyed any game more.

What a perfect day!  Visiting with my sister, seeing my niece and nephew, sharing memories, sightseeing in Amish country, playing cornhole.  I am so thankful that we took this trip and that Marge and Bob welcomed us with open arms.

I feel peaceful and joyful, although a little tired from the long car ride home.  I would not have traded this weekend for anything in the world.


5 thoughts on “Visiting Family ♥

  1. Hey, another similarity – cornhole! My husband’s brother’s family plays in their backyard. I think it’s big in the bars near Chicago, too. They sent a game to my boys for Christmas last year. How cool!

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  3. So happy to hear of your week end with your sister.
    I love those times more than I can express.
    Thanks for friending me on fb.
    Was so surprised to see you went to Jackson, OH
    I learned four years ago that there are three people
    on my small street from OH.
    My husband is from Dayton.
    I met him when my father retired from the Army
    and we moved to Dayton, OH to be near my sister.
    Our neighbor across the street is from Jackson, OH.
    His mother comes here for the winter to live with him to get out of the cold.
    Her name is Jenny Miller.
    Her daughter, Sally Miller Corbet married to
    Russell Corbet, lives in Jackson also.
    It really is a small world.
    Ohio is beautiful and I always loved it.
    We are truly blessed of God with family and ones who love us….
    Go to my photos and you will see me with my
    crazy and wonderful sisters last month in FT L.
    Have a great week and glad your list is becoming a reality,

    I know it is not a large town.

    • It is a small world, isn’t it. I loved our trip to Jackson. It was wonderful to see my sister and her family. Jackson really is a beautiful place, especially where she lives. Thanks for commenting and for being my newest facebook friend.

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